Recipe for Love by Sean Michael ~ Review by Beverley

Sean Michael is a new author to me and this title has an enticing cover.

RecipeForLoveTitle: Recipe for Love

Author: Sean Michael

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

My Rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Jack’s life is already on a downward spiral when his teenage daughter Rache shows up on his doorstep, and she’s pregnant. When he takes her to confront Billy, the boy who knocked her up on her last visit, he discovers the boy’s uncle, Dan, who is not just a fine baker, but a real stud.
Much to Jack’s surprise, it looks like Billy is going to step up and assume his responsibilities with Rache. And for Jack, now that he’s met Daniel, could it be that the rest of his life is also looking up? Of course there’s the small matter of Daniel not knowing that Jack is actually gay…

NOTE: This story was previously published under the title Allspice: Recipe For Love with the ISBN: 978-1-61040-204-0. This reissued version of the story has been revised and re-edited.

My View

This short story was free of typos and grammatical errors, which is always a positive. I’m sure this story will suit, if a reader has half an hour to waste and feels like reading a sweet romantic tale with proportionately a lot of sex. Sadly, I am not that reader. I’m sure this is more my error of choosing rather than the author for having written it thus.  I feel honour bound as it is my review to write what I found though.

This short tale is so contrived with characters and situations placed just so that the optimum amount of m/m sex can take place, in the shortest amount of time. However it wasn’t even that, which I found so awful it was the dialogue during and before and after sex scenes,

What? I’m not drunk, man, or getting that way. You’re a sexy fucker and I’ve been wanting a piece of you since before I knew you were available

Following this we are meant to believe the man ‘blushed’, which I probably would have if I had said,

I have to ask you, man, what’s your position on kissing? I have to have a position I can’t just lay one on you?…Feel that. So fucking hard for me. I am. Sexy mother fucker.

A couple of lines down when they are horizontal they then ‘…rubbed their noses together.’

In a short time I got so fed up with,

‘Oh yeah yeah’, ‘Oh so good’… ‘Just fucking come. Nothing else matters.’

Just two more,

‘What about you, man? Are you a fuck head? Nope. I want to screw you not screw you over.’ Jack winked

and for me the death of all sex scenes,

‘Are you a pitcher or a catcher?’!

The problem was, if this was just presented as an erotica short, the porno cheesy dialogue wouldn’t matter so much, as that would be expected and I wouldn’t have chosen to read it. However, here we are supposed to believe that this is a romance with a proper plot line. Two men brought together by the daughter of one becoming pregnant by the nephew of the other. The worried young people are shipped off out of the picture pretty quickly. There is an evil ex wife (of course) telephonically, and an unlimited supply of cupcakes and cookies. From this day of supposedly extreme concerns, we are propelled from sex being interrupted occasionally by real life, to a totally cheesy epilogue where everything is hunky dory and everyone lives happily ever after. Complete with a newborn baby.

Again I apologise to the author this was not for me.

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I would like to thank Amber Quill Press for providing me with the RC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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