Roped by S.J.D. Peterson ~ Review by Caroline

I am a huge fan of this series and couldn’t wait to get my hands on Book 4.

RopedTitle: Roped

Author: S.J.D. Peterson

Publisher: Dreamspinner

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Life has been known by a series of constants: Violence, anger, drugs, sex, death, heartbreak, pain, fear and the most common, hunger; Always hunger. Not the kind that can be satisfied with food, but the kind born of circumstance. The kind that not only claws within a gut, but settles into a heart, consumes a mind. Deeper—Encircles, penetrates the soul. Hunger for something more, something better, safer. Always just out of grasp—Craving—Starved.
It’s part of me.
Who I am.
Born of blood and violence, hunger is my fate.
Yet, the slightest things can change the directions of a life. An unplanned circumstance, random act—a connection—a chance event, like a lightning strike, fate is trumped.
Jamie is my lightning strike.
Tek Cain

Tek Cain was cultivated from birth to lead the motorcycle gang, Crimson Eight. Jamie Ryan, his best friend, is destined to be his second. But forbidden desires have them questioning everything they know, and an undeniable bond makes them want more than their supposed brotherhood can provide. Their love could get them killed, but they are bound to each other—from the cradle to the grave.

My View

Anyone who is up to date with Guards of Folsom will know that it is a BDSM series revolving around a club. This book is very different from the previous 3 and the club doesn’t come into things until after 60%. I will admit this threw me a little initially but it is always good when an author, or a series, can take you out of your comfort zone.

The first part of this book is not comfortable at all. It’s a unstoppable spiral into darkness and despair.

Jamie and Tek have grown up fast surrounded by violence, anger, bigotry, drugs, guns and murder. A shared kiss in their early teens is deeply suppressed as being gay is not an option in the motorcycle club they are affiliated to. This book brings a dark streak to the series that will leave you squirming. There is very little light or happiness in the first half of the story as 2 men who have been best friends since birth fall deeper into a life of despair, having to deny who they are in order to stay alive.

Tek will do anything to protect Jamie, even kill someone in cold blood, and he does when Jamies life is in danger. The more their lives become entwined them more you can feel their despair. Tek becomes more dangerous and volatile everyday living with the fear that Jamie may be hurt or killed. When their hand is forced by a bad situation it provides them with a way out and they run, eventually ending up living near and working for a well known BDSM club that we have all heard of.

I liked the dynamics of Jamie and Teks relationship. Two VERY alpha males who both struggled from the very beginning with what they perceived as weak in regards to their sexual relationship. They are totally absorbed and committed to each other and their relationship felt real. I didn’t quite get the same feeling when they tried adding a D/s element once they learnt about it at the club.

This book was left with a huge cliff hanger again something we haven’t had to get used to in this series. I think we should look forward to some fireworks in Book 5 and more trouble for Tek and Jamie. Hopefully we will get to see a bit more of the club in the next book as the boys are already there and catch up with the rest of the gang…..I need more Micah!!

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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Roped by S.J.D. Peterson ~ Review by Caroline

  1. I love this series! Thx for the review and the heads up w/the cliffy. I’m going to wait for bk 5. I hate cliffy’s! One of the reasons I try to avoid series’s but I liked this one cuz you could read as stand alone. Little disappointed she did that. Even though bk 4-5 are the end of the series… or so they say.

  2. I’m going to sound like Andrea’s echo but I’m also going to wait for the next book. I never knowingly read cliffhangers and thank you for letting me know. I still look forward to reading the book and the review is great. I just won’t read it right now.

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