Shadows & Dreams by Alexis Hall ~ Review by Leisa

A cool urban fantasy, lesbian romance story … and I love the cover art!

shadows and dreamsTitle: Shadows & Dreams

Author: Alexis Hall

PublisherRiptide Publishing

My Rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Second rule in this line of business: be careful who you kill.

My name’s Kate Kane. And right now, I don’t know which is more dangerous: my job, or my girlfriend. My job makes me the go-to girl for every supernatural mystery in London. My girlfriend’s an eight-hundred-year-old vampire prince. Honestly, I think it’s probably a tie.

A few weeks ago, I was hired for a simple missing person case. Next thing I know, I’m being arrested for murder, a vampire army is tearing up London, and even my dreams are out to get me. Something ancient, evil, and scary as hell is on the loose and looking for payback. The vampires are in chaos, the werewolves are culling everything, and the Witch Queen can’t protect everyone.

Which means it’s down to me. And all I’ve got to hold back the shadows is a stiff drink, a quirky sidekick, my creepy ex-boyfriend, and the woman who left me for a tech startup. It’s going to be another interesting day.

My View

My disclaimer:  Before reading Shadows & Dreams, I was a lesbian romance virgin (blushes demurely). I also never, ever read urban fantasy because I usually … just don’t like it (shrugs).

Then why did I read Alexis Hall’s Shadows & Dreams – an urban fantasy/lesbian romance? Well, every now and then I think it’s a good thing to step outside of the box. Push some boundaries. Not be boring and predictable. And what did I think of Shadows & Dreams? Well … I liked it!

Shadows & Dreams is the sequel to Alexis Hall’s Iron & Velvet (which I have not read – but I do think you will enjoy this book more if you read Iron & Velvet first). The voice of the story is Kate Kane, a British, lesbian, private investigator who is half human, half faery princess who is arrested and stands trial before the vampire council for a murder she apparently committed in Iron & Velvet. She also accepts a missing person case that has far reaching implications for the vampires and all of London. She has a bunch of former lovers who pop into the story to tempt Kate’s resolve, and the story itself has a dizzily complicated plot that’s creative and interesting. Alexis Hall also includes many interesting and colorful supporting characters into Shadows & Dreams that play integral roles in the story.

And what did I think of the girl on girl action? (You know you wanted to ask …). I actually think the lesbian sex action in Shadows & Dreams is pretty amazing and hot! And Kate Kane has an active and strong sexual drive (not to mention countless former lovers), so I had plenty of opportunities to formulate my opinion of her lesbian sex scenes!

The only small issue I had with the story is that, since it’s set in London, Britain, it’s filled with British terminology, slang, and references. As an American who doesn’t watch Dr. Who with her teenage daughter or have tons of British friends on Tumblr, there are quite a few terms and references with which I am unfamiliar (and can’t easily deduce). I found this quite distracting at times. However, this may not be an issue for all readers.

I’m truly happy that I stepped outside of my so-called safety zone and read Alexis Hall’s Shadows & Dreams. This is an amazingly intricate, interesting, fast paced, very British, and … yes, SEXY story! If you already are a reader of urban romance or lesbian romance, definitely read Shadows & Dreams. If you don’t usually read this type of story, I encourage you to step outside your own comfort boundary and try Shadows & Dreams … I am certainly glad that I did!


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I would like to thank Riptide Publishing for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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2 thoughts on “Shadows & Dreams by Alexis Hall ~ Review by Leisa

  1. Very good review:-) I did read Iron & Velvet & loved, so I’m really looking forward to Shadows & Dreams! The cover of both books & are sheer noir gorgeousness; must admit that was half the reason I bought Iron & Velvet in the 1st place;-D On British terminology & slang: I see that brought up a lot re British writers; guess I can see it could be problematic but I’ve never felt that way; I actually get quite a kick out of it & would find it less authentic without. To me its like reading something from any other culture I’m not a part of (including parts of American culture), literature from the past or set in the future/on another planet, etc. I just look things up as needed 🙂 And no doubt non-American readers must have the same issues with books written by Americans, so . . . I should add I now follow & chat with AH & other Brits quite a bit online, so I’ve gotten used to “Brit-speak” & now have to watch myself not to use some of the same spellings & expressions myself. So watch out, it’s contagious ;-

    • Thank you so much – I really did enjoy Shadows & Dreams! I truly want readers to discover this great series – I am so happy that I tiptoed across my usual reading choices and found it. I agree that Brit speak must be contagious – my own daughter has several British friends online, and she now peppers her speech with Brit terms. 🙂

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