Straight to the Assassin’s Heart by Fabienne Luna ~ Review by Leisa

An erotic paranormal love story between a wolf shifter and a human …

Straight to the Assassin's HeartTitle: Straight to the Assassin’s Heart

Author: Fabienne Luna

PublisherSiren Publishing

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Derrick McNeal has been kidnapped by his lover’s crazy father. To make matters worse, Derrick is thrown headfirst into the paranormal world. In this world werewolves are real and they are dead set on using their claws and teeth on Derrick.

Logan Hunt has been a proud member of the Assassins Guild ever since he lost his family at a young age. When his Alpha sends him on a mission to rescue a werewolf and his human lover, little does he know that the mission will change his life forever.

When Logan finds his mate near death he is determined to do anything in order to protect the man destined to be his from future harm. While Logan and Derrick are busy building a new life together their enemies are still out there waiting to strike again. When they attack, Derrick and Logan have to trust in their bond and their friends in order to stay alive.

My View

Derrick is a human who finds himself on the wrong side of the wrath of the unforgiving father of his casual werewolf lover. He ends up imprisoned in the man’s dungeon where werewolf goons are slowly beating Derrick to death. His lover admits to Derrick that he is indeed a wolf shifter, and he then goes to Logan, a member of the Assassins Guild, to ask for help rescuing Derrick. As Logan leads the rescue mission and gets physically near Derrick, who is gravely injured by repeated beatings, Logan senses that human Derrick is his mate. Once Derrick is rescued, Logan finds the only way to save Derrick’s life is to give him a mating bite so his body will heal. Their hot mating is integral to their continued survival.

I just love shifter mating stories, so I anxiously read Straight to the Assassin’s Heart. The portion of the story related to Derrick’s capture, torture, and rescue is exciting and action packed. I like how Logan senses Derrick is his mate, and how he must quickly make a life altering decision to save Derrick’s life. However, I do think that Derrick too quickly and easily accepts that Logan is a shifter, and then he too easily accepts that he and Logan are mates. They also almost immediately become hot and heavy lovers. Unfortunately, instalove (or “insta-mating-and-passionate-sex” in this case) isn’t one of my favorite tropes.

Straight to the Assassin’s Heart is a sexy wolf shifter story – the sex scenes are pretty hot – but the story is a bit formulaic and predictable. If you like sexy wolf shifter stories, and particularly if you are a fan of Fabienne Lunaire’s other werewolf stores, this one will give you a few hours of reading fun.

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I would like to thank Siren Publishing for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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  1. I don’t know, sometimes I just need predictable shifter stories 🙂 Haven’t read this author before but will keep an eye out for when it hits BN or Amazon. Thx

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