Sunday Spotlight ~ Book Buyers Anonymous with Paisley ~ and Giveaway!

Hello, my name is Paisley and I have a book buying problem.

It seems I am not alone, there are many others of you out there who share my passion, or should I say my affliction.

I buy a lot of books, and I LOVE to shop for books. I thought about the many “friends” I have in cyberspace who also complain about this same condition. So, I thought it would be interesting to ask some fellow readers (mainly my friends on Goodreads and Facebook) questions about their book buying habits. I conducted a highly unscientific survey. I am sure my college statistics professor would be cringing at my haphazard ways, but I wasn’t trying to solve any great mysteries of the universe. Since all of the respondents are book-loving cyberfriends, it is a given that the sample of responses come from readers who use social media and read a lot.




Out of the 55 respondents all but one own an eReader, and everyone agreed that eReaders make book buying waaaay too easy! Personally, I shop a whole lot. I feel relieved that I am not alone in my book buying binges. Almost 80% of the respondents said that owning an eReading device caused them to buy significantly more eBooks than they would buy print books in a bookstore.



Amen sister!

I mean, really, if I could describe the thrill I get when I find a book I want and add it to my collection I would sound even weirder than I am, and when you consider that most of the books I buy are gay romance stories, it’s pretty obvious I am damn weird. What started off as a small wish list of to-buy books soon grew into a giant digital library of epic proportions.




So do I…like every freakin’ day!

I think the ability to not even feel bad about the habitual way I book shop is also telling. Lucky for me I am in good company. A third of you told me that you buy over 20 eBooks a month (and several of you told me that you buy more than 100 eBooks a month) it’s pretty clear online book shopping is a compulsion.




Thank god I can’t instantly download a Ferrari or a pair of Pradas.  


Once my sister asked me how the hell do I have time to read all of these books I download? The truth is I don’t. I have a huge collection of unread stories. Stories that are waiting for me, but then I ignore them because I am too busy browsing for more stories.




It is a vicious cycle, and as long as the online bookstores and publishers offer freebies, great sales, and other incentives I don’t see this cycle ending.


How many unread eBooks do you currently own? This one actually made me feel better about my compulsive buying issues.  The answers ranged from four unread books to 3000! Oh my! I thought my 360 unread books was an issue, but it turns out that several of you have a lot more, a whole lot more!  More than half of those surveyed have over 200+ unread digital books! Ten people had over 1000. Five people had more than 2000!





Did I mention I have a “Kindle Intervention” bookshelf?


More than half of the respondents said they still buy print books, but there was a surprising amount who only buy eBooks. I guess we can all agree that the space saving that a digital book provides is both convenient and dangerous.




Oh yes, and no one needs to know about the 1500 smutty titles I have in my purse either!


Now let’s talk about money. I think that my largest area of guilt is attributed to the amount of money I have spent on eBooks. But seriously, that does not stop me from shopping. I tried at one point to have a budget, but honestly I have no plan when it comes to my book purchases. On my survey it was nearly split in half between those who budget specifically for book buying, and those who just buy, and don’t plan ahead for the cost.







Maybe we should be forming some sort of support group for our significant others?


I also looked at various forums and articles online. We are definitely not alone in our spending. Though the respondents to my survey are mostly romance readers (because that is solely what I read) it turns out the ebook binge buyers reside in all other areas of the library including non-fiction reads. It’s a whole other world of enablers. Just like our group of romance addicts they all tell each other about deals and new releases, and can’t keep themselves from pushing the “One-Click” button.


Yes, most of my online besties are also my best enablers!


There is a lot more that I could say about our book buying, but alas, I am sure most of you are already itching for me to end my blathering so you can go look for more books to buy. With that thought I will leave you with my own top ten list.




I really want to be your favorite enabler!  Because you stuck with me until the end, and you obviously have the need for more books in your library,  I am excited to be giving away $10 in Omni Bucks from All Romance eBooks.  All you need to do is leave a comment for me below and tell me how many unread books you have in your digital library.

Contest ends 5/31/14 @ 11:59pm CST.  Must be 18 or older to win.  Void where prohibited.


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37 thoughts on “Sunday Spotlight ~ Book Buyers Anonymous with Paisley ~ and Giveaway!

  1. That post certainly made me feel better about my problem! Last I looked it is nearing 150 unread (luckily for my wallet many of them were free) and that is after deleting those from genres I’m not currently reading.

  2. Great postPaisley!
    I’m fairly sure I was one of your respondants, so glad to see my tbr at 193 is on the relatively small side!!
    Definitely far too easy to buy – and to pick up all those free ones especially on Amazon – though I do try and buy once a month rather than daily so I can see exactly what I’m doing!

  3. Hello My Name is Su and I have a book buying problem. It has been at least one day since I was tempted and bought a new one to add to my poor Kindle’s diminishing hard drive space (possible my allotted cloud space as well).

    I could not help it, Sue Brown published the final book to the ‘Isle of Wight’ series so I was tempted and succumbed! Now I have only about 200+ others left waiting to be read (a few of them were free reads, but they still reading). I love your article and I am glad I am not the only one there with this addiction.

  4. I have a ridiculous number of book unread on my Kindle. I actually had to start making a list on paper/Word file to keep straight what I’ve read and what I haven’t. I think that the unread list (organized by author name) is 50 pages long in Word. I stopped downloading free books over a year ago, unless I know that I REALLY want to read it. It was too much. I did find some good books and good new authors, but I couldn’t keep up and found myself not wanting to read the free books a lot of the time instead of ones that I actually bought.

  5. Well, I’m guilty of 8 out of 10 so I’m definitely an addict. If I find a sale or bargain, it’s mine – if I read a new to me author’s work and like it, I buy all the backlist. Just checked to see how many unread books I have – 1043, Yep, I’m an addict!

  6. Great post Paisley! My Name is Beverley and I’m a book addict 😉 It’s nice to know there are so many like minded individuals and it feels SO good it can’t be wrong…My Hubby does not understand why I still buy ebooks when the ones I have to review are free, and I moan that I have too many reviews still to do. I am the same as your respondents, I know I won’t get round to reading many of them for years but I still add to my TBR list, which is hanging in the ether or a cloud somewhere. I have never downloaded a free book because as soon as I see a ‘must have’ book, I can’t wait till it becomes cheaper even tho I won’t read it for ages :-p – Hopeless case.

  7. Hello, I must join the BAA (book addicts anonymous) as well! Though I a trying to reform, I’m not sure how successful I will be 🙂 Great post Paisley!!!

  8. Thanks for the fun post! I definitely have tons of unread books – I would be in big trouble keeping track if I did not use goodreads to catalog them all. 🙂 In addition to sales and freebies, I also love the contests and scanning my online public library each week for new reads.

  9. I must have a least two hundred books that I have not read yet but I see a sale and I’ll buy some more!!! My favourite publisher Dreamspinners has added to my book problem by having wonderful sales and ARe is another place I can’t stay away from. I do have list of all more books so I rarely by the same book twice. I’m also addicted to contest that give free books or Gift Card. HELP!!!


  10. So I don’t even know where to begin. I didn’t take your original poll but I definitely need to join whatever support group you are forming. I have . . . wait for it . . . 8100 books in my Calibre library. Let’s not talk about the hundreds of dead-tree books I have in 4 book cases and those in my nook and amazon accounts. At least some of those are duplicates. Does all that stop me from buying more books??? Uh, no. I bought three yesterday and who knows what today will bring. I’ve already downloaded two freebies from Amazon and it’s noon! I would say I download between 10-20 freebies a week in addition to the ones I buy. I had at least 30 pages of books in FictionWise before they folded. I have a huge library at ARe, DSP, Amber Allure, etc. I had loads at Rainbow eBooks before they folded and many others. It’s truly an addiction. But I figure I could have a worse one than books 😉

  11. Awesommmme post, Paisley! 🙂
    I stopped downloading freebies sometime last year and I think my bought-but-not-yet-read list is around 300 now. Yup.
    I just updated my Calibre and have almost 700 books loaded. Yup.
    I do look for sales, but if there is a book I really want, I’ll definitely pay full price, especially for an author I really enjoy or if a number of friends highly recommend it.
    I still buy dead tree books, one just came in the mail last week. (Widdershins!)
    But if I did that for every book on my kindle? We’re just not even gonna go there. 😀

  12. Hello…my name is Eran and I too am a book addict! I LOVE to read and read at least 1 book a day, and to be completely honest I have absolutely no idea how many books I have on my kindle that are unread. I am also a mood reader and will by something from one of my favorite authors when a new book comes out but won’t read it until I get in the mood, sometimes weeks later. Since I am a mood reader I sometime I have a hard time finding books that fit the mood so I go back and reread books that fit my current mood-even though I have hundreds of unread books! It is a vicious circle like any addiction but one I won’t ever be giving up!

  13. Since I only found out about ebooks this past Aug or sept my library of unread books isn’t quite as big as everyone else’s. But I do have over 100 I haven’t read yet. I love to read everyday. Thank you for the giveaway.


  14. Oh my goodness, If the first step of fixing a problem is admitting you have one I am in so much trouble because I checked off almost all of those items on your list but I refuse to suggest I have a problem. 😀 I do love my books and I will read them all… someday! Thanks for the giveaway. 😉

  15. I can see myself in your survey with the compulsive buying of new books. I’ll buy series of books without having read one book in the series e.g. Cut & Run, Cole McGinnis series, etc, because the books sounded so good and then there was a sale on them. Hard to say about my TBR pile, maybe around 800 digital books. Need to stop looking at the Amazon freebies.

  16. I’m a book buying addict as well – you totally described me in your post – I should spend more time reading all the books I’ve already bought than hunting down specials and giveaways. It’s good to know I’m not the only one with this problem 🙂

  17. Oh man, this post struck home! 🙂

    Those Kindle freebies are the ones that are really my downfall. If I think there’s a remote chance I might read it, I’ll go ahead and click to add it to my Kindle cloud. Counting those, I probably have around 3000 unread ebooks. OMG. o_O Just saying that scares me! But not counting them, maybe 200?

    As long as there are coupon codes, freebies, and cheapies, though, I don’t see myself stopping. 🙂 *hugs her Kindle*

  18. It’s always nice to be in good company and it seems that I truly am. I currently have 983 unread books waiting for me on my e-reader (plus who knows how many paperbacks in a box by my chair :D).

  19. 813 on my kindle, 2794 on the Cloud, 1800+ on the PC kindle, 250+ PC adobe reader
    ummmm. I think I have a problem 😛 lol

  20. I filled out your poll and thought it was fun! My husband gave me my first Nook and then Kindle when he got tired of lugging around 30 boxes of real books when we moved 4 times in 3 years. The deal was if I gave away my real books, he wouldn’t fuss when I replaced them on my Nook or Kindle. Since I had already read most of them, I got to start over building a new “library.” I probably have 500 – 800 unread. I know I have a problem because I enjoy the search and buy more than the reading – most of the time.

  21. I’m actually quite embarrassed to admit how many unread books that I own, because sadly though everyone that has commented thinks they’re bad, they’re actually good compared to me. I own two kindles that are filled with unread books, my Amazon library has over 35,000 yes that’s thousand books in it the majority of which are unread, I have I don’t even remember how many publishers that I buy from with unknown amounts of books that I haven’t even downloaded yet, I have an external hard-drive that has approximately 20,000 or so books on it waiting to be read…. well there’re more that I could go on about but you get my point. My New Year Resolution this year was to make myself get as many of my unread books read that I can, to at least try to stick to my monthly budget for new books & to try to not borrow any that I don’t own. SO far the one that still hasn’t been broken is that I have done a very good job getting some of my unread ones read. I haven’t kept track of how many but it has been at least a couple of hundred since Jan.1st. so I’m proud of myself.

  22. I think I’m a bit in a minority here – I don’t have any unread books on my Kindle or my PC although I buy up to 100 books a month – I read them – all of them. Being a writer helps. I find I have to read at least one book before I start writing in a day because it helps put me in the right mindset – I read and write M/M romances. Then I read again after I’ve finished writing and when my husband gets home, until he goes to bed, because I can’t write with him in the room. Then I write again. Then I read to help turn my mind off from my book before I go to sleep. The budget thing is not an issue with my husband anymore since I started making money from writing my own books. I just told him that my reading was an important part of my writing process – maybe I could write off my purchases for tax lol. Anyhow, I read a lot and the only thing I’m going to change is that I am going to try and be a bit more diligent about leaving reviews – because as a writer I know that’s important and it might slow down my book intake. I’m a book adict and proud of it 🙂

  23. That was funny. I don’t often laugh out loud, but thank god you can’t down load a Ferrari got me snorting and the hubby asked what – and I was like – yeah, thank god for that too or else we’d have a few more cars than we already have. 😛

    Good luck with eBook Buyers Anonymous classes. 😀

  24. I did the survey. I have 1812 books unread (lots of shorts though, yes, I know justification is a sign of a problem). I did only get 4 on the list though 🙂 I do think my list of unread books may suggest I have a problem 😉

  25. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up and read all the books on my ereader. I have over 2000 books on it and everyday I buy some new books. Every time I finish one I have four or five to replace it with. I’ve been reading m/m fiction for 6 or 7 years (I’m not sure anymore?) and I’m not even counting the yaoi manga I’m backed up on that I buy in paperback.

  26. Lots of red flags for me on that list…uh-oh! I’m not completely sure how many unread books are on my Kindle because I think it counts previously read library books too (and THAT’s a major addiction for me, OverDrive library books via e-reader–and there are even m/m books available through some cities’ systems, San Francisco has a ton!), but I’m sure there are a few hundred at least. I’m like Pavlov’s dog with contests, sales are totally tempting, *and* my house still looks like a paper mill exploded to boot!

  27. I’ve no idea how the determine how many of my e-books are unread, in fact I didn’t even know I could do that. But I do know I have about 950 e-books between cloud and device and at least half of them are unread. Of course, that leaves out the about 200 unread paper books I have as well. As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as too many (unread) books.

  28. I don’t know how many unread exactly, but I know I am one of the over 1000 group. Waaaaay over. My GR TBR is saying 1695 currently and I know it is more than that as all my books are not on GR yet.
    E-books made the book hoarder in me blossom, now that I don’t need physical space to store books I am in heaven. Books are the one thing I have bought without a second thought. If I want it I would buy it.

  29. I don’t know exactly how many. Somewhere between 2000-2500. And I have no plans to quit adding to that number any time soon. Eh, who cares. I’m not hurting anyone and the bills are getting paid.

  30. I too have a book-buying problem, well it is more of a compulsion actually… Some are freebie reads, but I’ve got over 150 books unread… ack. I don’t want to know the real number. But I refuse to quit. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. I have more unread books than I’m aware of. I finally stopped buying most free books just because they were free, I got tired of organizing them.

  32. Hi everyone!
    My name is Stella and I am a book addict! it’s really non my fault, I read the first mm books and started read a book a day.. my credit card is always empty and I had to put a limit when I realized I forgot I had one and bought one more time , I now buy only three books at week… I refuse to know how many books unread I have

  33. Hello my name is Su and since my last entry I have succumbed and bought 5 more books for my kindle, I think there is no hope for me! You see some of them were titles that were reduced just for Memorial Weekend and, with a friends counsel that I just avoid buying a couple of coffees for the week, that it made sense to buy them. I created a ‘TBR’ folder on my Kindle, so it glaringly declares all those poor little tomes that I have yet to read!

  34. I have over 800 unread books on my kindle and a ton more on my various wish-lists. It seems I add more books to my TBR list everyday. I am glad to see form your post and all the comments I am not alone 🙂

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