The Third Kingdom by RJ Scott ~ Review by JosieGoodreads

The Third KingdomTitle: The Third Kingdom

Author: RJ Scott


My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

In a battle on the barren fields of Arberfan is where this story will end.

The story that began as a simple Retriever case, has become the tale of the fight against a thousand years of evil.

The wolf shifters have Niceros to take down. The Vampire Twins have to deal with Cassius. The Second Kingdom is in disarray and Simeon, Asher and Phin are desperate to calm the unrest.

An alpha needs to accept his role, a blood demon has to become the King he was meant to be, and the Vampire twins have to end the war.

Against all this, Reuben and Ethan, lovers separated for a millennium, are thrown back in to a war to end the poison that is Ludvik Peitrol.

My View

The Third Kingdom by RJ Scott is the sixth and final part of her epic fantasy series The Supernatural Bounty Hunters. This is a series that must be read in order as RJ has weaved one story spread over six books.

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As we pick up the story following book five, The Incubus Agenda, dark and ancient forces are aligning themselves for the final confrontation. Joseph, the leader of the Underground Resistance, is still hoping that Glitnir can be taken in a peaceful bloodless coup, but Reuben, eternal keeper of the Vampire Book of Days thinks only war with Glitnir can stop Councillor Ludvik’s desire for power and domination. Reuben’s long dead lover Methulan, murdered and cursed to a life alone, unable to die while Reuben lives, is trapped at Arberfan the ancient battlefield where the Vampire Book of Days was created. As Asher desperately tries to form an alliance between the races of The Second Kingdom Reuben, Nick and Brody travel to Arberfan to seek out Methulan, Reuben truly cannot believe that Methulan lives and won’t accept it until he sees him with his own eyes. As secrets come tumbling out lines are being drawn and together Methulan Reuben and the rest of The Second Kingdom stand to face Ludvik for the final time, bringing the centuries old conflict between the races full circle.

In The Third Kingdom RJ Scott gave herself quite a job. Somehow she had to pull all the threads together; she had to explain the story that leads from Reuben and Methulan a thousand years before, all the way to the vampire twins Joseph and Micah. She had to bring about Ludvik’s downfall and the emergence of The Third Kingdom in a way that readers could follow. She also had to find a way to give all the characters, all the different pairings we’ve grown to love, some new and some old, a happy ending, and this she did magnificently. All finished off nicely with an epilogue.

It’s impossible to review The Third Kingdom as a single book; it has to be taken into context as the ending of the series. The Supernatural Bounty Hunters started as a simple shifter story, the hunt for a vampire murderer, but it ended up as so much more. It became this amazing living arc, the story of an ancient battle between good and evil stretching across the centuries, involving fae, elves, vampires, blood demons, incubus, humans, wolf and cat shifters, and a few other races I’ve bound to have missed. This series evolved into so much more than each individual book. My only advice is that to really understand and appreciate the epic story RJ Scott has created this series needs to be thought of as one story, and read as such. Each book is dedicated to a single couple but each book also furthers the overall arc, and it’s imperative that they be read in order, one after the other, all six books back to back, only then will all the subtle hints, nuances and pivotal moments be truly recognized and understood. If too long is left between each book its likely things will be missed and the reader confused. This becomes much more apparent and important as we move through the books.

Years ago, long before I discovered MM, I read the kind of fantasy epics that had a small band of heroes fighting for truth and justice against dark evil, and this is exactly what RJ Scott has superbly created here. True fantasy is a not a genre I see much of in MM, but this series proves that the genres can mix well together. I highly recommend The Supernatural Bounty Hunters to anyone who wants to read something a bit different, something to get their teeth into, as well as for all lovers of fantasy epics. Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the Micah and Joseph’s journey and I hope other readers will too. This is a series RJ Scott should be very proud of and I salute her for it.

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I would like to thank RJ Scott for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Thank you so much for this review… I am so pleased you enjoyed, and thank you for emphasising the books need to be read in order… he he…

    HUGS Rj x

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