Their Plane from Nowhere by Princess so ~ Review by Christine

My New-to-Prism Author for this month is Princess so, a talented storyteller who spins a fascinating yarn of decades-long love and a spectral airplane.

TheirPlaneFromNowhere image Title: Their Plane from Nowhere

Author: Princess so

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

In their small town in the Pocono Mountains, Earl Knox and Hank Grisset have never been considered among the pretty ones to anyone but each other. As lucky as Hank and Earl consider themselves to have found each other, that’s about as far as luck has gone. All those Could’ah— Should’ah— Would’ah— moments a man never sees comin’, but that don’t stop him from regrettin’ them later in life.

When Earl makes a critical decision that ultimately outs him and Hank, a mysterious plane shows up at their lake house. Coming out in a small town can erase friendships in a heartbeat. But when a rift in the family leads to a life-threatening accident, only their love for each other is gonna get them through this—that, and their plane from nowhere.

My View

Earl Knox and Hank Grisset have been secret lovers for years, meeting on weekends at their lake house in the Poconos. Now in their 50’s, they’ve become used to decades of keeping the status quo of, as Earl puts it, “living their own version of Brokeback Mountain.” Sometimes change is inevitable, however, and as Earl decides to take action and change their lives forever, the odd and unexplained appearances and disappearances of an old pontoon plane at their dock has them both scratching their heads. As the drama of coming out to family and friends unfolds, an unexpected tragedy occurs, with lives hanging in the balance. Will Earl and Hank have to deal with more loss? And what is their connection to the mysterious plane?

This novella (approximately 67 pages) was engaging, suspenseful, and a bit eerie. I enjoyed the main characters and was pleased with a fairly well fleshed-out back-story for their relationship. Both Hank and Earl are simple, humble men, and, to my delight, much older than most characters in romance novels. I liked their authenticity and homespun appeal, and though the story begins after many years of them being lovers, their relationship rings true and sweet on the pages. I also enjoyed the touch of paranormal within the context of the story and how the author linked in the mysterious plane. Without giving anything away, the ending contained a delicious little twist, and I found myself quite satisfied with the unexpected morsel.

Though written in third person, the narrative is in Earl’s voice with all its local colloquialisms. It took a bit of adjustment, but I soon found it endearing as I got to know the characters a bit more. I was also a bit taken aback by the vicious nature of Earl’s ex-wife, Gracie. Her bitterness and hatred was just a little over the top for me, as were her machinations both in her past relationship with Earl and in the current story. I understand the necessity of her threats to the plot; however, her character appeared not to have any redeeming qualities that could have softened her somewhat and made her more realistic.

Overall, Their Plane from Nowhere is a charming little read with well-developed main characters and an interesting and suspenseful plot laced with the supernatural. It was a pleasure reading this little nugget, and I look forward to more releases from Princess so!

About the Author:

Prin is a writer of Post-Apocolyptic Dark Fantasy and Erotic Romance. The surviving twin of Author Talon P.S., she remains in their home in Tarpon Spring, Florida, where she continues to work and finish the books she and her brother started.

While she makes no claim to be able to peacock as vibrantly as her brother could, she continues to work and encourages new writers to keep at it and explore the wonder of words.

Feel free to look her up on Facebook or to drop her a line just to say hello.




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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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