Worth the Seeing Through by Lisa M. Owens ~ Review by Leisa

The sequel to Worth the Coming Home …

Worth the Seeing ThroughTitle: Worth the Seeing Through

Author: Lisa M. Owens

PublisherDreamspinner Press

My Rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Love’s Value: Book Two 

Police officer Connor Maclean has been on the job less than two months when a robbery call sends him to the art gallery of Guy Gustavsson, the man he fell in love with during one life-altering week in LA. He moved to Montana for Guy, even after the artist cut off contact. Now he discovers him injured and unconscious, along with a note indicating Guy was to meet someone named Jones about Guy’s painting of a former lover. But that’s hardly likely—for reasons only Connor knows. 

Once he sees Guy again, Connor can’t stay away. He brings Guy to his home to recover. The relationship is rekindled. But Guy’s longing for his old love and new fears since the robbery trigger alcohol issues. When Jones makes a dangerous reappearance, Connor and Guy must focus on saving not just Guy’s life but their love and their hopes for a future worth the seeing through.

My View

Worth the Seeing Through is the second in Lisa M. Owens’ Loves Values series, and the sequel to Worth the Coming Home. This story is about Guy, the beautiful artist friend of Josh from the Worth the Coming Home who was deeply hurt when Josh used him as a “friends with benefits,” unknowing that Guy was in love with Josh. After Josh found his happily ever after with super hot soldier Dane, Guy consoles himself with a hot weekend with LAPD member Connor (he picked him up in a bar), but soon thereafter stops returning Connor’s texts and calls. Connor, who gets points for persistence if not for logic, takes matters into his own hands and pursues Guy to Wyoming.

This is an emotional story, filled with heartache, and I like Connor even though he sort of channels his inner stalker when Guy cuts off communication and he quits his LAPD job to take a police position in the Wyoming town where Guy lives. But Conner is a faithful, generous, and compassionate man. He relentlessly pushes at the walls Guy erects around his heart. Gus, on the other hand, is a hot mess, emotionally stunted, and hurts Connor repeatedly. He’s seriously injured during a robbery attempt, and agrees to go home with Connor to convalesce mostly because his only other alternative is a nursing home. Guy is needy and selfish, he clearly still pines for Josh, and he binge drinks to drown his sorrows over losing Josh, his unloving parents, and his undefined relationship with Connor. The main problem I have with the book is that there is little chemistry between Guy and Connor – they do have some intense sexual encounters, but I just don’t feel an emotional connection between the two beyond Conner’s almost desperate attempt to make Guy see him as someone to love, and Guy’s emotional selfishness with Connor.

My favorite character in the book is young teen Alex who rescues Guy from the man attacking him. Alex is an awesome kid – he’s a budding artist, has a strong moral compass, and ultimately is the catalyst that helps Guy and Connor see past their hurts to become a real family. His single mother is an equally amazing character who is devoted to Alex and fiercely protects him when danger threatens.

Overall, Worth the Seeing Through is an emotional story with a remarkably satisfying ending that redeems many of the book’s challenges. I recommend this story if you don’t mind wading through characters’ emotional baggage to get to their happily ever after. And meeting sweet Alex is worth reading the story …


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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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