Andrea Speed Talks Infected: Epitaph ~ Guest Post

I would like to thank Andrea Speed for stopping by on To let us know what is going on with the next book in the Roan’s journey, Infected: Epitaph.  

Andrea Speed

Title: Infected: Epitaph
Author: Andrea Speed
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

An Apology: Why Infected: Epitaph Isn’t Out Yet

I must apologize to those readers who thought Infected: Epitaph might be coming out around now. That was the original plan, but things have changed. What exactly? Well, the entire Infected series is getting relaunched as part of Dreamspinner Press’s new mainstream publishing arm, DSP.

What does that mean? I’m glad you asked.

It means, rather than being put in the romance section, the Infected books will now be in the urban fantasy section with all others of that type, so that should open more bookstores and libraries to carrying the books. Fear not, as the covers aren’t changing. Anne Cain’s beautiful work isn’t going anywhere. It also means there will be a brand new reissue of each of the books, starting in October. (Infected: Epitaph will most likely show late November/early December.)

But wait, you might be saying. I wanted to read the book now. NOW!

Okay. I have a free Roan and Paris story up at my site right now, and I should have a downloadable, free Roan & Dylan story up at Dreamspinner pretty soon. There will be at least one more free Roan short up at my site too. It doesn’t make up for the immediate lack of the book, no, but maybe it eases the pain a little. And the Infected: Paris prequel is showing up early next year. I also have non-Infected stuff to read, like a story in Riptide’s comedy anthology “My Haunted Blender’s Gay Love Affair and Other Twisted Tales”, due in August. I also have a stand alone short called “DMZ”, out in September from Dreamspinner Press. I also have a short in Less Than Three Press’s “Project Fierce Chicago” charity anthology. And, the short story I wrote for the M/M Goodreads’ group Love’s Landscape event, Villains, is now available as a free download. So there’s that.

You may be saying I want Infected: Epitaph, like you promised!

Well … sorry? This is honestly a good thing overall for the series, even if it still kind of sucks right now. Bear with me, and hopefully this will all be worth it.

From the Publisher:


About the Author

Andrea Speed may or may not be the cloned remnant of an adventurer lost in a time tunnel disguised as a Herfy’s in downtown Twisp. Seattle born and currently Tacoma based, she thanks you for reading this, as it is incredibly awkward to write a biography in this tone of voice. It helps if you imagine Peter Graves saying this. If you enjoy her jackassery, make sure to check out,, and . Know that each reader is loved and appreciated, and gets a free online hug. (Note: Not redeemable in person, or Tennessee, where they don’t go for that girly stuff.) Oh, and Infected: Freefall won a 2012 Rainbow Award. Woohoo!

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