Dare to Love Forever by JC Wallace ~ Book Review by Beverley

DareToLoveForever Title: Dare to Love Forever

Author: JC Wallace

Publisher: Amber Allure

Rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars


(Book 1 of the New Vampire Justice series)
Carson Locke is a Tabula Rosa vampire—a dangerous rarity in the world of vampires. With one bite, he can wipe clean a vampire’s mind, creating a mindless drone. Because of this, Carson has spent his entire twenty-three years sheltered at home. That changes, however, when his entire family is murdered.
On the run and near death, Carson meets Commander Lincoln Samuels, a beautiful vampire who tries to heal him. In doing so, Carson is bonded to Lincoln and turned into something the vampire world has never seen.
Lincoln is a Sanatore vampire with the ability to heal other vampires. He heads a team in the New Vampire Justice police force in Utica, NY. Late one night, he’s called to a local Vampire Blood Market where a starving Tabula Rosa vampire is about to be executed by one of his officers. Feeling a strong connection to Carson, Lincoln wants to heal the broken man despite knowing the risk in doing so—it could destroy Lincoln and cost him the chance to love again. And he soon discovers there’s a greater evil threatening to take Carson from him.
Can two vampires who have loved and painfully lost in the past learn to trust one another, defeat the evil rising against them, and dare to love forever?

My View:

I loved this novel by JC Wallace, it had an intelligence of plot and ideas so often lacking from standard vampire novels, and I’m thrilled this is book 1 because it means I can read book 2 etc.

I must admit my inner academic came out gleefully when I realised that JC Wallace had given his main protagonist the surname ‘Locke’,  and called his rare type of vampire ‘Tabula Rosa’. I studied John Locke and his theories regarding Tabula Rasa at University, yes I know…Anyway, this novel combines a Police force for vampires with corruption in high places, and adds abuses of power over those vampires who are born with different, new powers. Most of the vampires are fairly normal without super powers and just have a need to drink blood as well as eat food. I’m sure any other differences, if there are any, will come out in further books. I really liked the exchange of power roles in the main relationship between ‘Lincoln’ and ‘Carson’. I am also a fan of bonding between paranormal species, as it creates new dynamics and takes out the need for some of the more boring human emotions and misunderstandings. This novel has bonding and very sexy it is too.

Another reason this novel was so enjoyed by me is that I love world building. In fantasy sometimes it is necessary to create whole new worlds and societies including vocabulary, rituals etc. This novel contains world building that has to slip seamlessly into our existing world in a believable manner, and I find that fascinating. The novel as I said is well written and well edited, if there were typos or grammatical errors I didn’t notice them, which is not only a sign of good editing but a good involving story.

Dare To Love Forever finishes with an HEA but leaves a clear opening for a series. I, for one am looking forward to this series and I recommend it to all readers of a good story.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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