Five Thing Friday! Stuff We Want to Read

Each Friday, here at Prism we will be tackling a very important topic… of sorts.  Five Thing Friday…  The topic will change each week, so be sure to check back.  We encourage you to comment with your own Five Things!

Topic: Authors We Want to Read, but Haven’t

I asked each of our reviewers to tell me 5 authors they want to read, but haven’t.   I left it deliberately vague and open ended 😉


  • Eden Winters
  • Michael Murphy
  • James Erich (okay that is cheating a wee bit)
  • Freddy McKay
  • Brandon Shire


  • A book I want to finish ~ Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce (I read Ulysses and loved that but FW stumped me)
  • Truman Capote
  • William Faulkner (well known authors with books on the accepted American literary canon so I have been remiss in not having read them)
  • Luis Borges ~ because I’ve only really read Gabriel Garcia Marquez from Latin American Lit.
  • Ray Bradbury ~ Especially Fahrenheit 451 ~ studied it without reading it lol


  • Oscar Wilde. I’ve read enough about him for wanting to read something of his, but somehow i never get around to
  • Terry Pratchett. As people rave about his books. But I’m not as into fantasy as I used to be.
  • Dr.Seuss. When I was little,there was a show on German Tv about a cat in a hat that I loved. I only learned recently that this was based on an actual children’s book.
  • Hemingway. I watched many of the movies, but never read a book of his.
  • Z.Allora. I met her last year, she’s such a wonderful person, but alas…so many books, so little time….

Josie Goodreads

  • Aj Lewellyn
  • DJ Manly
  • KJ Charles
  • Erastes
  • Tinnean


  • Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Beloved by Toni Morrison
  • A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
  • The Shining by Stephen King

Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

  • John Lanyon
  • K.J. Charles
  • Anne Tenino
  • Amy Lane
  • George R.R. Martin

Pizzy Girl

  • Theo Fenraven……Have heard great things but have yet to read his works
  • S.J. Frost…..I have two of her works on my TBR read list that have been rated highly
  • Nora Roberts…..just to say I have
  • TJ Klune…..I have heard such wonderful things about his writing that I am almost afraid to give it a go for fear of being let down(not that I think this will happen)
  • George R.R. Martin – Love the show, but I want to read the novels that started it all


  • Suzanne Collins – Love YA and seen the movies, haven’t found the time to read
  • Veronica Roth – Love YA and seen the movies, haven’t found the time to read
  • Virginia Bennett – Local to me and first time author
  • J.R.R. Tolkien – Always meant to read, but never got around to it
  • Sue Brown – Lots on my TBR but haven’t yet read

So what are your Five Things???

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Brandilyn is a middle-aged (When the hell did that happen?) stay-at-home mom to 3 beautiful children (of course she is biased). She started reading M/M Romance and Gay fiction in early 2012 and was quickly hooked. In her first 18 months as a M/M Romance fan, she read over 900 titles in the genre (not counting re-reads), ranging from shorts to epic novels. She reads across all tropes within the Gay Fiction genre…. except Regency, she has never found a love for Regency. A native Texan she finds Texas to the be almost perfect… except for one thing, their treatment of the GLBTQ community. This blog is her brain child and she is happy to welcome some fellow GLBTQ supporters to review here and help promote equality (oh and of course fangirl/fanboy over their favorite authors and works).

11 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday! Stuff We Want to Read

  1. I am new to the MM genre as of this year so my list is definitely longer than 5 authors, so randomly searching my kindle for books by 5 authors I haven’t yet read:
    Rafe Haze
    KJ Charles
    GN Chevalier
    Eric Arvin
    Jay Bell
    I am sure I will discover more authors as I follow the comments to your blog post. Happy Friday

  2. The first 4 authors are new to me reads that I heard such good things about the books I downloaded them, but never actually started them.

    Edmond Manning (King Perry is on my Kindle)
    Jordan L. Hawk (Widdershins on my Kindle)
    Diana Gabaldon (Outlander has been on my Kindle since 2011)
    JP Barnaby (I have both Aaron and Spencer waiting)

    Eric Arvin’s Woke Up in a Strange Place (I’ve read some of his work before but have had this waiting on my Kindle for over a year)

  3. I’m almost embarrassed to say I’ve yet to read (but want to):
    TJ Klune
    Eric Arvin
    JP Barnaby
    Edmond Manning (his book-books…I’m addicted to his blog)
    The Black Dagger Brotherhood
    The problem is…authors I’ve already loved and read keep coming out with stuff! Plus I have to then read ALL their back stories! There worse problems to have though.

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