Flibbertigibbet by Willa Okati ~ Review by Feliz

From Merriam Webster Dictionary:flib·ber·ti·gib·bet: a slightly flighty person

FlibbertiggibetTitle: Flibbertigibbet

Author: Willa Okati

Publisher: Totally Bound

My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Is Donovan ready to leave routine behind and take a chance on a flirtatious flibbertigibbet?


Donovan thought he had his life all planned out. He knew where he was headed, and how he’d get there. Might not have been the most exciting life, but it was safe. Sensible. Practical. Just what he wanted.

That was before his house burned down in a freak accident. Now, Donovan’s life is all about crash space on a friend’s houseboat and entertaining the antics of his new neighbour and marina maintenance man Leaf. If Leaf ever took anything seriously in his life, he shows no signs of it. He’s loquacious, outrageous, and not even a little shy. Absolutely not the kind of man Donovan had thought he’d fall for before he tipped head over heels for the flibbertigibbet’s offbeat charm.

When it comes down to a choice between sensible and scandalous, is Donovan really ready to leave routine behind and take the plunge into deep water?

My View

The title attracted me to this book; for one, I hadn’t heard that word before (hence the Merriam-Webster quote) and secondly, it made me expect a light, funny, easy read, just what I was in the mood for.

And basically, that was what I got.

As the blurb says, Donovan’s house burned down, and he’s taken refuge at his friend Eve’s houseboat, moored at a private marina. The first person Donovan encounters there is Leaf, the marina’s caretaker and handyman. It’s mutual attraction on both sides, but while Donovan remains somewhat reserved about it (since the last thing on his mind is a fling of any sort right now), Leaf seems determined to follow up on the matter. Regardless of Donovan’s initial rejection, Leaf insists on all but courting him. With affectionate persistence, puppy-like clumsiness and startling insight, Leaf cuts through Donovan’s walls right into his heart.

The story in and of itself was as sweet and cute as it sounds. Leaf is really a most adorable dork, apparently a man without a single care in the world, but over the course of the story reveals some depth and charcter strength, too. Donovan appears bitter, aloof, even gruff in the beginning, but proves open minded enough to let himself in for Leaf’s quirky personality. Since Leaf’s courting is more akin to seduction,there’s no lack in erotic tension–even more so since Donovan, once won over, shows a great deal of initiative of his own.

Life on a houseboat was lovingly detailed, and the secondary characters portrayed to the point with only a few words.

But still, the story left quite a bit to be desired for me, mostly in regard to the main character’s backstories, since there was very little about Donovan’s and next to nothing about Leaf’s. It is as if both Leaf and Donovan had dropped out of the sky, fully formed, with no pasts, to plunge into a relationship with each other. Which made it hard for me to really connect with them. Particularly Leaf, he’s so intriguing, and I’d have loved to know where he came from, what made him the Epicurean person he’s now, what drove him to create that aura of flightiness he’s wearing like a magic hood.

The story is told from Donovan’s single 3rd POV, which should’ve provided opportunity for me as te reader to at least get to know him better, but almost all of Donovan’s thoughts and fears circle around Leaf, with only a little bit to spare for insurance and money issues.

So this was not an entirely unalloyed reading pleasure, but still an entertaining, funny read. Essentially, it’s exactly what it says on the tin (or in this case, on the cover, more specifically): a sexy snack.

Release Date for this book: Jun 20, 2014

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I would like to thank Totally Bound for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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