How do I appear on Prism Book Alliance?


I love working with each and every one of you, you have made this site more than I ever envisioned it to be.  I hope we have been helpful in getting the word out about your fabulous books and hopefully getting you some new readers.

I love what I do.  Don’t ever doubt that, please.  If you have noticed my relative absence (well smaller presence, anyway) from social media lately, you are about to find out why.

I have been implementing some new processes to make running Prism Book Alliance a little easier for me.  I know they will be a bit weird at first for some of you, but literally every time you use one of my forms, it saves me time and allows me to do what I started this blog to do.  Read fabulous LGBT fiction and get the word out about these books.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE whenever possible use the Contact Form (also labeled as “Request a Review, Guest Post, Interview, Blog Tour, etc“) to ask for a review, ask us to be part of a blog tour, or ask to appear as a guest on our site.  You can also use this form to ask a questions or a myriad of other things.

Once we have you on the schedule or have accepted your title for review, there are a couple of other forms that will be in play.

Submit an eBook for review the single fastest way to get us your book for review.  It won’t get lost in my overflowing inbox this way 🙂

Submit a Guest Post.  I love this form, and I think you will, too.  It takes all the information you have for your post and formats it for appearance on Prism Book Alliance.  Most importantly, it sends you a confirmation of what you submitted and the ACTUAL link that will be your post on the day it goes live (which will be whatever day upon which we agreed upfront.)

The final Page you will see under “Guest tools” is Submit a Guest Book Review.  This form won’t get much use, but sometimes we will ask a non-PBA reader to review a book for Prism Book Alliance, this is for them.  No submission will be accepted via this form without prior approval.

Do you absolutely HAVE to use these forms? No.  I will still happily talk to you via PM, Google Hangout, or email,  but these forms make my life easier and allow us to review and feature more authors.

Farewell Giveaway
I have a number of paperbacks, most of which are signed, to giveaway. Over the between now (11 Mar 2017) and 31 Mar 2017, every comment on the blog (this post and all other new posts), will be entered to win 1 of these paperbacks. There are also some misc swag items, so there will be a few packs of these to give away as well.

Thank you so much for your support over the last 4 years. Prism will be closing its doors on 1 April 2017. All content will remain available, but no new content will appear after 31 Mar 2017. As such all request forms have been turned off. Again Thank you,

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