Ordinary People by E E Montgomery ~ Review by Leisa

Ordinary People is not an ordinary story … It’s fresh, new and intriguing!

Ordinary PeopleTitle: Ordinary People

Author: E.E. Montgomery

PublisherDreamspinner Press

My Rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

When Queensland Police Force Constable James Laramee raids a hotel room, he finds Vinnie Canterbury on top of a naked, dead man, covered in blood. Vinnie promptly vomits all over James’s shoes. 

Thanks to a cocktail of horse sedatives and Hendra vaccine, Vinnie’s memories of his ordeal are fractured. Finding the culprits and the reasons behind his abduction will be a challenge. With his apartment trashed, his building set on fire, and his clothes, phone and wallet gone, Vinnie needs a place to stay. To his surprise, James not only takes him in, but also lets him cry on his shoulder. It must be true love. Vinnie has plans for his future with James all mapped out, and he hopes he can get James on the same page.

My View

I just love discovering a book that is a fresh and new idea, and this is exactly how I describe E E Montgomery’s Ordinary People. The story opens with unconscious Vinnie awakening naked and covered with blood while lying on top of a dead man – and surrounded by armed policemen. He promptly vomits all over the shoes of James, the patient, handsome policeman with beautiful lips whose quite presence calms Vinnie. James is surprised to find himself quite taken with small, beautiful Vinnie who is seemingly alone in the world.

Vinnie is simply delightful – normally a socially awkward insurance assessor, the drugs are still working themselves out of his body, and Vinnie is confused, babbling, and tearful. He’s alone in the world, and he’s a hot, blubbering mess with no place to stay and who James can’t resist taking care of. James is patient and kind to Vinnie, and finds his temporary lack of a verbal filter charming, and he wants the beautiful man. The story is alternately told from both Vinnie and James’ perspective. Vinnie’s contribution to the story includes fractured thoughts, and is reflective of the inability of his drugged brain to maintain cogent and productive conversations. I really like this writing style – it allows the reader to better experience Vinnie’s thoughts, fear and confusion. I feel such empathy for Vinnie when he awakens cold, alone and afraid on James’ couch – it is easy to share the comparative sense of safety he feels when he watches James asleep in the bed, as well as to understand why Vinnie chooses to then curl up on the floor beside James’ bed to sleep. The portion of the story told from James’ more clear perspective allows the reader to follow along with the story’s unfolding events, as well as to participate in James’ quickly growing attachment to Vinnie.

As I’ve already stated, the writing style of Ordinary People is different, and may prove a tad confusing at times. However, this adds to the unique delight of the story itself since the reader is experiencing Vinnie’s confusion along with him to a certain extent. I find this reading experience to be refreshing, new, and not at all formulaic. Much like Vinnie and James, I am convinced that my feelings (about the book, at least …) must be love. I recommend that you read this delightfully different and charming story!

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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. I was lucky enough to win this book! I really enjoyed it. I agree the writing was a little confusing but I think that had to do w/the situation? And not the author’s style?

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