Rehabilitating his Dingo (Wolves of Stone Ridge #23) by Charlie Richards ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Rehabilitating his Dingo Title: Rehabilitating his Dingo (Wolves of Stone Ridge #23)

Author: Charlie Richards

Publisher: eXtasy

Rating: 2.75 of 5 Stars


When wolf shifter Yates Cruner helps save several humans from a dingo shifter pack using them as slaves, he doesn’t expect to find his mate among them. Oh, not one of the humans, but one of the surviving dingo shifters who has been beaten and abused just as much as the humans. It seems the dingo pack had one rule…I’m more dominant than you, I can do whatever I want to you. Yates realizes his little mate has a long road of healing ahead, and most of it isn’t for physical wounds.

Aryen Fowles learned his place early in life, keep his head down, kneel at the other shifter’s feet, and do whatever they ask. If he did that, he could avoid being punished. When a group of strange shifters take over the pack, the rules change. Aryen struggles to understand what’s expected of him. When one of the wolves offers him pleasures he’d never experienced before, he wonders if he could accept his offer at face value or was it too good to be true?

Content Warning: This story includes scenes of near rape and talk of dubious consent.

My View:

Charlie Richards has 3 separate paranormal series that have some overlapping characters and plot lines. These are Wolves of Stone Ridge (WSR), Kontra’s Menagerie (KM), and A Paranormal’s Love (APL). You do not have to read the previous novellas to understand and enjoy each new tale, but to get the best understanding of these worlds; you should read these in the order listed on Ms. Richards’ web page.

If you have read any of her previous titles in WSR or KM, you know they follow a very prominent pattern (APL is different). They are very formulaic. MC1 meets MC2 and through scent, MC1 realizes he has met his mate. There is an instant all-consuming need to have sex to complete the mating bond and live HEA. This need takes control and sex/mating is the basis for most of the novellas in these series. There is an overall series plot that maintains movement and connection between each of these short and sweet matings.

Up until now, I have greatly enjoyed all of her works, but Rehabilitating His Dingo, crossed a line for me. Granted this is my personal preference, and other readers may disagree with me, but I felt this novella could have benefitted by straying for the normal formula that has been thus far established.

Yates is a dominant wolf and recognizes that a rescued dingo, Aryen, is his mate. Aryen has been held captive as a sex slave by his former alpha and his followers. Aryen was born in captivity and has no concept of anything other than being used for sex whenever anyone wanted it (whether he consented or not). He is very (VERY) childlike and naïve and does not even understand that he has a right to say NO. When Yates finally talks to Aryen, he vows to wait until Aryen is ready before initiating any mating activities. However, that isn’t really what happens. The two men are attracted to each other (even though Aryen does not understand what this means and is in no shape to consent to anything) and their relationship moves very quickly (just like the previous installments in this series). However, while the author tries to portray this relationship as loving and positive for Aryen, it comes across as creepy. Yates assumes and almost father/teacher-like role for the very innocent Aryen, who even needs to be taught to read and how to interact with other shifters. I personally did not care for this. Yates is caring for Aryen as he would a child, while also sleeping with him. He even refers to Aryen as “little one”. It was just too much for me. I wish Aryen would have had more time to “rehab” and grow out of his sex slave persona before committing to be Yates’ mate.

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