Several Authors stop by to discuss UKMeet with Giveaway!

I would like to thank the authors mentioned for taking the time to talk to us about UKMeet.  I will be posting more from UKMeet 6-9 June.  There is also a giveaway, so stay tuned for that.


Becky Black

Becky li516xDEVuO+L._AA160_ves in the UK and her writing is primarily fuelled by tea and rainy days. After spending far too many years only thinking about writing she finally started putting words down back in 2003 and hasn’t stopped since, still trying to make up for lost time. She’s a long time science fiction fan and a lover of all types of stories, but especially those about people who find themselves in the trickiest of no-win situations. She likes nothing more than chasing her characters up trees and throwing rocks at them until they figure a way down.

What I’m most looking to at the meet is seeing old friends I’ve met before and some I’ve only known online. It’s so much fun getting to meet other writers and the readers who love the genre and don’t think we’re crazy for writing it!

Horns_and_Haloes_1_16_2014Charlie Cochrane

I’m Charlie, one of the UK meet organising team. I’m mad, middle-aged, love rugby and hate housework. I write m/m romances and romantic mysteries, often historical and sometimes hysterical. (Weresloths? Yep, been there, written that.)

The thing I’m most excited about regarding UK meet is a bit of an unknown. Every year I learn something new, or get a new idea/bit of inspiration. Maybe I come across something I’ve not tried before. There’ll be one of those moments in Bristol but who knows what it’ll be? I’m also looking forward to catching up with all my pals and to giving/receiving lots of hugs.

Belinda McBride

I51cUr7AT-0L._AA160_‘m Belinda McBride, I’m an author from Northern California. My favorite genre/s to write are paranormal and science fiction, and my favorite genre to read is historical romance. I graduated from the infamous party college, CSU Chico where I majored in history and cultural anthropology. I have two daughters, one is a dental hygienist and the other is a private chef. When I’m not writing I’m generally making soap, jewelry or dragging my Siberian Huskies to dog shows.Stuff

This is my first time at the UK Meet. I’m so looking forward to meeting authors and readers from all over the world!

Josephine Myles

I’m Josephine Myles, and I’m not only one of the organising team behind the Meet, but I’m the author of numerous (and humorous) very British gay romances. I’m really looking forward the Meet being in Bristol as it’s one of my favourite cities and the location of my novels Junk and Stuff.

Anna Butler

“Anna lives in East London with husband David, both of whom are ruled (more or less benevolently) by Molly the cockerpoo. After many years working with the UK Civil Service, Anna took eaCuddlingrly retirement and is now concentrating on writing full time in between taking Molly on long walks across Wanstead Flats. She has had short stories published by Dreamspinner, and has published FlashWired, a science fiction novella. She is currently working on both a huge science fiction series, Taking Shield—two books down and four to go—and is also having a lot of fun with the steampunk coffee house Aegyptian mystery m/m romance which is all scarabs, aeroships and gorgeous men in cravats and spats…”

AS for what I hope to get out of Bristol. Well first, reconnecting with some old friends. Fellow author Sarah Granger and I go back more years than either of us care to admit to, and this will be our first meeting for about three years. It will be lovely to see her again. Second, I remember how much I learned from the meet last year, where there were some excellent discussions on everything from cover art to blogging. Those sessions helped sharpen my approach to how I present myself to my readers and I’m hoping that the sessions this year will be similarly informative and help me refine my craft.

Annabelle Jacobs

ACapturennabelle is a wife, mother, and owner of two troublesome cats. She writes male/male romance, usually in a supernatural or fantasy setting. Her mind is always full of plots and twists, and she tries to incorporate these into her stories.

 Dreamspinner Press

forester_3d_500Blaine D Arden

Blaine is a purple haired, forty-something, writer of gay romance with a love of men, music, mystery, magic, fairies, platform shoes and the colours black, purple and red, who sings her way through life.
Born and raised in Zutphen, the Netherlands, she spent many hours of her sheltered youth reading, day dreaming, making up stories and acting them out with her barbies.
When not writing, reading or at choir practice, Blaine has singing lessons and hopes to be in a band someday.

Blaine can be found here:
<h2>Bruin Fisher</h2>
Bruin Fisher lives in the West Country, UK and spends his days trying to juggle incompatible demands on his time and attention, usually with very little success. His writing is important to him (so naturally he spends very little time on it) and he says he gets his best ideas on the beach. One day, no doubt, the three novels he has written so far will be polished sufficiently to submit for publication, and when they’ve been rejected enough times maybe he’ll lose interest and take up stamp collecting. Or maybe not.He drives a large elderly estate car and rides a ridiculously fast and dangerous motorcycle, and enjoys hiking, camping, sailing, and a lot of other stuff that changes with the wind direction. His ambition, of course, is world peace.While he has several short stories published, he has not yet shown his novel-length work to any publisher. Why? Lack of time, confidence, and possibly talent… but that is yet to be proved. In the meantime a lot of his stuff can be read on his website and on various writing community websites, where it is generally well received.

Bruin’s website:

Clare London

FlyingColorsSMHi, I’m Clare London, a published author of gay romantic fiction, often erotic, usually contemporary, but sometimes in other worlds entirely. I publish with several publishers, in print and ebook, and I also offer free fiction on my website I’ve been a member of the UK Meet team since the beginning, and even if I’ve gained a few grey hairs during that time, it’s been great fun as well! What never ceases to delight and encourage me is the friendly feeling and community spirit at the Meet. Where else could I meet and make so many friends who all love and support the fiction that’s my life?


UKMeet Giveaway

At the end of all the UKMeet posts we will be giving  a wonderful PBA Swag bag to 1 lucky commenter and a $10 ARe gift card to  a 2nd commenter.  

Contest ends 13th June 2014 @ 11:59pm CST.  Must be 18 or older to win.  Void where prohibited.





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  1. I so wish I could go to Bristol next weekend but it won’t be happening this year. I’m very determined to be part of the fun next year though.

  2. Books by British authors, set in the UK, are some of my favorite reading and Josephine Myles is wonderful. So glad to hear about more.

  3. Sigh…UKMeet is something I will probably never get to attend, but I hope everyone who does has a fabulous time. And I also love reading stories set in the UK.

  4. I shall try to keep up with my reports from UKMeet and hope I remember to take pics whilst I’m fangirling all over the place 🙂

  5. Had hoped to get to the UK Meet this year, but when it was time to committ, live had changed at home which meant I couldn’t go – but just now, we are back to normal but its too late!
    Next year!!!

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