Shifter Born by A. T. Weaver ~ Review by Teresa

This book follows an immortal shifter though his life – intriguing…

Shifter BornTitle: Shifter Born

Author: A. T. Weaver

Publisher: Smashwords

My Rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Marrok del Sol is a natural-born immortal shape shifter who can assume the form of any animal he chooses.
He escapes death when his family is betrayed and sent to the guillotine during the French Revolution. After taking revenge on the traitor, he leaves France for America.
For over two-hundred years, he travels westward with the ever-expanding civilization always searching for his “happily ever after.”

My View

I had difficulty writing this review. Shifter Born had some good points but many negative as well. In the interest of fairness and honesty, I am going to tell you what I felt. There are going to be some spoilers so be forewarned.

My first impression of the book, stemming from the first 8% on my Kindle, was that it was overly simplistic in writing style. It felt like a writing assignment from a 10th grade English student. I was not captured by the events going on. It felt rushed and quickly told as if we were trying to skim the details to get on to the bulk of the story. Unfortunately this was the feeling I got throughout the book. We never settled down into the story but always skimmed through from one time period to the next. The writing did get a little better in style and flow but the details were always vague.

I never felt any connection to Marrok’s loves. The attraction he had at first with almost all of them seemed shallow and I’m not sure how they lasted the lengths they did. The sex scenes were perfunctory and clinical. There was no passion at all in them and in a few I questioned the other man’s enjoyment of the act entirely. There was no sense of caring or love, they did nothing to further the romance and it made them feel out of place. As if they were there because it was expected, not because the author really wanted to describe the act or show us the connection.

Lastly, the details of the modern era were unrealistic. How did he survive that long without a job and money? Without knowledge of technology? How did he get a drivers licenses through the years with only the one identity? The author went to so much trouble figuring stuff out for the earlier years but not for the modern age.

Now, the good. The story premise was great. Seeing how an Immortal dealt with the loss of loves throughout time, how he managed to keep under the radar and keep his homesteads was interesting. The author put a lot of work into research of the historical data of times and places, which I commend. The use of French peppered through helped keep Marrok’s accent in my head when reading and lent some ambiance that  the description lacked.

I really liked Brian and felt his relationship with “Derrik” to be the most healthy of them all. Derrik wasn’t forced to give up anything to be with Marrok and I wish he had been the final relationship.

In the end, I found it to be an okay read. Maybe I’m too picky and you will like her writing style and can see past the flaws, in which case the story is good. I couldn’t get past its faults.

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I would like to thank A. T. Weaver for providing me with the eRC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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