Striker by Lexi Ander ~ Review by Teresa

I loved Alpha Trine (book 1) and have been looking forward to Striker for awhile!

striker400Title: Striker, Valespian Pact Book 2

Author:Lexi Ander

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

The peaceful respite for which Zeus and his intended, Dargon and Alpha, had been hoping is shattered when Zeus is unexpectedly drawn to the Waters of Poseidon and told that the safety they’ve been promised is a trap. But the Fal’Amoric aren’t the only important cargo on the Oethra 7, and countless others are depending on the success of their mission. If Zeus hopes to break the silent siege on Valespia and protect those most precious to him, he will need not just powerful allies but the fortitude to survive overwhelming odds.

My View

At the end of Alpha Trine, we left Zeus, Alpha and Dargon newly joined and on their way to Valespia to deliver the Fal’Amorics to the Emperors. Striker jumps you back into action by beginning in with Zeus in the Waters of Poseidon and the ride continues from there.

I read this over two days. It only took me that long as I had to accommodate life happening between stretches of reading. If I could have shut the world out, I would have devoured this book in one sitting. That’s not to say it is short, merely engrossing. The intrigue, suspense and action kept me on the edge of my seat as I waited for Dargon and Alpha to give birth and our crew of characters to make their way to Valespia. We learn more of Alpha’s beginnings and are introduced to new characters along their journey.

I loved the values of family and acceptance this book portrayed. The love shown was not only that of the main triad but also between siblings, and parent & child (biological as well as adoptive). It illustrated the strength that comes from these bonds.

Again, the world was rich, vibrant and diverse. Lexi Ander has a guide on her blog page called “The Universe of Valespia” that illustrates the various races and species that inhabit her world. It is worth checking out!

This will be a re-read for sure!

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I would like to thank Less Than Three Pres eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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