Sunday Spotlight ~ Pride Houston with Brandilyn

So, June has been Pride month.  Many cities have celebrated in their own ways over the month.  Many of you have attended your own city’s PRIDE celebrations.  It is a chance to be yourself without judgement (well mostly).  It is a chance to celebrate with like minded individuals.  It is a chance to see you aren’t alone.  Oh yeah, and it is a chance to party.

Oh and for anyone who cares, I was conservatively dressed in jeans, boots, and one of my DSP Gay Romance shirts (the one with the boys, of course).

Pride Houston

I attended Pride Houston with fellow Houstonian, M/M enthusiast, and ally Embry Carlisle.  (sorry no selfies of the 2 of us…).  The party started at 1pm and continued until the Parade started a little after 8.  It was raining off and on most of the day.  I think that hampered some of the crowd, and maybe even some of the booths.  But there were plenty of people there having a great time, or just walking around basking in the acceptance all around.  E and I were mostly in the latter category.  I loved seeing a so many people being themselves, or even a little more wild and crazy version of themselves.

pride quote

From a conversation I had with author L Dean Pace-Frech about Pride.

If you know, or follow, me, you know I am not a party animal.  I never really have been. But, I still enjoyed myself for the time we were there.  Unfortunately, a Migraine felled us about 5pm so we didn’t make the parade.  Here are a few pics I took from the occasion.


The Obligatory Hell and Brimstone protesters. We are all going to hell, blah blah blah. Note that there are only about 5 of them, they are made to stay behind a barricade and there is an HPD officer just out of the shot.

Right by the Above Protesters

I took this pic because I adored this couple for one reason, they stopped and made out RIGHT IN FRONT of the above protesters.

Being bibliophiles, we couldn't resist a trip into the local Half Priced books, that just happens to be in the shopping center right next to the Pride Celebration.  Of course we looked for our friends in print.  We saw a couple of Lanyon's, Clare Thompson's Handyman, Neil Plakcy's Mahu, and a favorite of mine First you Fall by Scott Sherman.

Being bibliophiles, we couldn’t resist a trip into the local Half Priced Books, which just happened to be in the shopping center right next to the Pride Celebration. Of course we looked for our friends and colleagues in print. We saw a this one from Lanyon and Mitchell, Josh Lanyon’s Somebody killed his editor, Clare Thompson’s Handyman, Neil Plakcy’s Mahu, and a favorite of mine First you Fall by Scott Sherman.

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Also don’t forget to check out the LGBT Pride Month Roundtable in which I had the honor to participate.

LGBT Round Table

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Spotlight ~ Pride Houston with Brandilyn

  1. I love your pics here for two reasons 1) they are so real, I can’t remember when I’ve been to a Pride and March and got fabulous pics, doesn’t mean I didn’t have a great time! and 2) All ages, genders and body types, and costumes obviously home-made and cared about! I have a question for the protesters, if you are ‘Christians’ why do you only quote from the Jewish Old Testament?

    • While we were having a pre-pride snack and drink and my favorite Mexican restaurant, a bear couple walked in. One of them was wearing a “Sorry Girls, I suck cock better than you do” shirt. I WISH I had gotten a picture, but alas I missed the opportunity.

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