The Hired Man: A Dick Hardesty Mystery by Dorien Grey ~ Audiobook Review by Leisa

An honest to goodness “whodunit” mystery!

The Hired ManTitle: The Hired Man: A Dick Hardesty Mystery

Author: Dorien Grey

NarratorJeff Frez-Albrecht

Publisher: Dorien Grey on Audible

My Rating:4.5 of 5 stars Overall
Story Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Narration Rating: 4.75 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

In the continuing saga of Dick Hardesty, gay P.I., he is hired to protect the interests of a gay/bisexual escort service when a client is murdered. Lovers of murder mysteries will find the complex twists and turns fascinating. This audiobook breaks new ground by being the first mystery novel to make bisexuality an issue in solving a crime.

My View

Story Review

This is my first of Dorien Grey’s Dick Hardesty mysteries, but it won’t be my last! First and foremost, this is not a romance; instead, it’s an honest to goodness whodunit mystery with the main character, Dick Hardesty, who is a gay private investigator. Hardesty, the main voice of The Hired Man, is hired to assist a gay/bisexual model agency/escort service when a client is murdered in a manner highly suggestive that the man’s bisexuality plays a primary role.

Until recently I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy a true mystery. As one who hales from the era of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, let me assure you that I have a long and true love of mysteries. I’ve also often prided myself on being able to deduce the mysterious culprit early in each story. Thus, I am delighted to tell you that I did not figure out “whodunit” in The Hired Man until reaching almost the end of the book! I love suspense and intrigue, and this book offers both in spades.

The character of Dick Hardesty is also unusually promiscuous (I honestly lost count of how many men he had sex with in the story), and particularly likable. I just adore his unspoken (but voiced by the narrator) sarcastic thoughts. Also, while I usually am a sucker for juicy sex scenes, there is the reference to sex but no actual detailed scenes in this story, which I think actually contributes to the story’s mystery remaining the primary focus. I also think that Dick Hardesty’s rather casual attitude toward sex plays a key role to the telling of this story.

There are quite a few characters in the story, and almost all of them are men. I initially found it a bit difficult to keep straight the names of all the supporting characters; however, as the story progressed and I became more familiar with each character this became less problematic. Overall, I found The Hired Man to be an exciting and intriguing story that I thoroughly enjoyed from the start to the “big reveal” at the end.

Narration Review

I just love Jeff Frez-Albrecht’s narration of The Hired Man. He has a deeply masculine and sexy voice, and he doesn’t attempt to portray vastly unique voices for all characters – which is perfect for the story since it’s largely being told by Dick Hardesty (or from his perspective). My favorite moments are when Frez-Albrecht almost deadpans Dick’s self-deprecating thoughts – quite amusing! I think that this narrator is perfect for the story being told, and I look forward to hearing more of this narrator’s fine work in the future.

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I would like to thank Dorien Grey for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.


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  1. Leisa so glad you’ve found Dorien Grey and his Dick Hardesty Mysteries they are wonderful aren’t they. I so want him to get more promotion as his books are beautifully written mysteries. You actually had me curious about an audio book, and you know how anti I am. Great review.

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