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As delegates arrive home from the most amazing weekend in Bristol, and I await the delivery by courier, of the books I bought and had signed, and my lovely full bag of swag. I dedicate my recollections and pictures to my Husband who, not only paid for all my hotel accomodation and travel, but cleaned the house and ran along the platform at Grantham station waving and smiling to collect me and carry my bags yesterday.

Saturday for me started with a hangover, I know I’m a terrible person but Clare London has accepted full responsiblity see right for Friday at Mauritania Bar.
2014-06-06 005

I attended some interesting workshops and front lead panels on subjects ranging from writing sex scenes, to who reviews are for and who owns them. The Spotlight book fair was a wonderful opportunity to sit down with your favourite authors and talk about (and buy) their books. Most delegates have gone home with burgeoning hernias from the amount of books we bought. We had an almost constant stream of buffet food, which was tasty and so far removed from the usual yukky pork pies and scotch eggs English buffets provide! Cakes of immense variety (they definitely have a pastry chef on staff!) and vital coffee kept me vertical. At one point we were able to go and retrieve our swag bags and they were stuffed full of intriguing delights all contained in the great bag I have pictured on these posts.

At 6.30 we all met for free champers before the Gala Dinner

Gorgeous Gala Dinner venue with Liam Livings M of C in his red jacket

Gorgeous Gala Dinner venue with Liam Livings M of C in his red jacket

The food was really nice but we were all so excited by each other and the entertainment that it almost went unnoticed except for the very nice looking waiters and then when dessert was served… well I shall show you those waiters in a minute!

Our entertainment started with the wonderful Drag Queen Eddie Adams here pictured with her partner, photographer Dan Burgess

Eddie Adams and Dan Burgess

Eddie Adams and Dan Burgess

Eddie’s singing, jokes and general presence were one of the highlights of the evening for me, as was meeting Dan, a true gentleman. After Eddie we were entertained by an LGBT choir who brought several of the delegates to tears with harmonious renditions of modern classics. Meanwhile out in the bar the surprise waiters were…well waiting. Here is a taster, pictured with Monique from Sinfully Sexy! Max Vos’s reaction, when I introduced him to the lovely furry bottomed Alex, will stay with me always!2014-06-07 008

The evening was full of entertainment, laughter, hugs and congratulations for the wonderful organisers who cannot be thanked enough. They have worked all year on this event and worked all through the weekend to ensure it ran like clockwork and everyone enjoyed themselves. So a name check and applause for Charlie Cochrane, Clare London, Liam Livings, Jo Myles (and bump) and all others behind the scenes.

As some delegates didn’t get to bed until gone 5am, #cough# Daniel Kaine #cough# Marc Fleishhauer, Sunday was a slightly more subdued affair, but it meant we could sit over copious amounts of coffee (I was a caffeinated fool!) and really talk to each other. Panels and groups looked at Making Blogs Heard, Insider Speak, Contracts and later we listened to the wonderful Keynote Speaker, Aleks Voinov. After a yummy lunch I was very lucky to be able to sit down in the empty bar with Harper Fox and basically be a fan. All of the intelligent questions I had went straight out of my head and I think I just sighed and grinned a lot whilst she signed the books I had brought with me. I made many strange noises, which may have been words, but I could not tell you what I said although we did discuss Ulysses Dietz 😉 Next time Harper you will meet a sensible human being I promise.

Next year’s UKMeet will be in September, but location and exact date are not known as yet. Watch this space and their website. I learned so much this weekend about people, authors, publishers and most of all myself. I made wonderful friends who I miss already and can’t wait to see next year.

As the weekend was about hugs and love and tolerance (plus, some gossip we are human) I think the photo I took below sums it up. When I took this Patrick Darcy said to me ‘I don’t have a sad story I’m a Happy Gay!’

Patrick Darcy 2014-06-08 001

We are giving  a wonderful PBA Swag bag to 1 lucky commenter and a $10 ARe gift card to  a 2nd commenter.

Contest ends 13th June 2014 @ 11:59pm CST.  Must be 18 or older to win.  Void where prohibited.





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24 thoughts on “UKMeet The Big Post ~ by Beverley with Giveaway!!

  1. Obviously I wasn’t sad enough about not being able to travel to Bristol last weekend. Now that I really know what I’ve missed I’m sorry I didn’t try to swim for it. If nothing else I could have done with sitting in on that panel about reviews. Next year I’ll be there come hell or high water. Your post does make it look and sound absolutely wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences.

    • We’ll see you next year Helena!!! I warn you Clare London pictured above is a devil with the drink but also the warmest lady you could wish to meet. There is so much more I couldn’t put in the post. One of the best weekends ever 🙂

  2. Sounds like the UK Meet up was tons of fun. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could have flown over the pond to attend.

  3. You were lovely, Beverley! We had a great chat and I’m certain intelligent questions were asked. Whether intelligent replies were given, I’m not so sure. :). xxx

  4. I also am sorry that I couldn’t attend. But I’ve read everyone’s posts and loved all the pictures. Maybe next time!

  5. What a great time y’all had. I would luv to be able to visit the UK….however, being homebound with 1 million and 1 illnesses….I don’t think that dream will ever come true…But, I absolutely luv reading about everyone’s adventures and seeing the pics. Living vicariously aint so bad! hahahaha

    Count me in the giveaway!


  6. Sounds like a blast. I’m really curious about how Max looked when you introduced Alex, too. Thanks so much for sharing and for the giveaway!

  7. I’m just dropping in to set the record straight that I was totally innocent, and only appreciating a bargain when the barman offered me a jug of Pimms rather than a top-up for me and Beverley …. LOL. Seriously, it was a wonderful weekend (when I relaxed) and a real treat to meet you Beverley x. And I hope all the books got home safely!! 🙂

    • Clare you are a big part of the reason I had such a wonderful time 😉 Sadly, my books have not followed me home as yet and The Hotel and I are roasting DHL over a spit as we speak. :/

  8. It looks like a great time was had by all, I hope the UK next meet is somewhere local to me so I can get a chance to go and meet all those wonderful people next year and possibly just say hello to a few waiters! Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. What a lovely report, Beverley! I’m glad you had such a fabulous time. It was great to meet you, and I certainly look forward to seeing you again next year, if not before.

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