Unconventional Union by Scotty Cade ~ Audiobook Review by Brandilyn

UnconventionalUnionAnAUDLG Title: Unconventional Union

Author: Scotty Cade

Narrator: Finn Sterling

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Story Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Narration Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


Sequel to An Unconventional Courtship

Kincaid International Corporation’s CEO, Webber Kincaid, and his executive assistant, Tristan Moreau, have just returned from a Caribbean business trip gone horribly right. After years of hiding their love for each other, they finally came clean—and discovered KIC’s chief financial officer has been up to some shady business transactions. Now that they’re back, Tristan and Webber must expose the CFO’s indiscretions—and save Webber’s reputation, since he’s ultimately responsible for his CFO’s actions. With Tristan by his side, Webber faces KIC’s board of directors and a looming investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice.

With all the uncertainty surrounding them, Webber and Tristan rely on the strength of their connection. Together, they plan an intimate wedding on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. But despite their love for one another, Webber and Tristan quickly realize they have some hurdles to cross before they can start their unexpected new life.

My View – Story:

Unconventional Union by Scotty Cade is the sequel to Unconventional Courtship, which I reviewed a couple of months ago. I left off on that review wanting to know what was next for Webber and Tristan, so when the opportunity to review Unconventional Union (also on audio and also narrated by the fabulous Finn Sterling), I jumped in.

The Unconventional series is not the type of story you often see me reviewing here on prism. I tend to take the less, shall we say, formula romances, the lesser known authors, the less main-stream stuff, in general. That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy a good romance now and then. Union falls victim to many of the formula traps of the romance genre, but it does so in a way that you are not put off so much as comforted. If you have read Courtship, then you are probably head over heels for Tris, and you know Webb will take good care of him. This is that tale.

There isn’t a ton of angst throughout the story. It feels very much like a prolonged Epilogue to book 1, for lack of a better analogy. They take care of the little SEC issue, and they plan their wedding. They talk about the future, and the repeatedly profess their undying devotion to one another. As someone without a romantic bone in her body (just ask the hubby), I found some of it a little much, but I know a number of people with whom this book will sit just right.

So there I am going along thinking that this book had no angst, and suddenly, I felt some tears prickling the back of my eyes. They never fell, but they were there. Well done Mr. Cade.

My View – Narration:

So Finn Sterling… I will listen to anything you narrate.  He did a fabulous job.  His voice was precisely what I expected from the characters that mattered.  Some of the minor characters were a bit odd, but they were minor characters and didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story.  I think I said in my review of Courtship that Sterling helped make the story for me.  Union was no different.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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