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Thank you for letting me visit today, Brandilyn. I’d like to tell your readers a bit about myself and what I’m working on.

First off, I’m 71 years old and have four children, ten grandchildren and one great grandson. I’ve been writing for 11 years.

I’m looking forward to attending my first convention in September in Minneapolis. If any of your readers are there, I hope they stop by and identify themselves.

I got into gay rights via a TV show back in 2003 when I met over 3,000 gay men in a Yahoo group of fans of the show. One of them told me he would like to read a story ‘where the boy gets the boy and they ride off into the sunset together.’ I’ve written several books and was talked into getting a bit explicit in a couple of them, but have gone back to more romance and less sex. I know a lot of readers are like one woman who reviewed First Impressions Don’t Count:

Also, another little issue that I have with this story was that it doesn’t have sex scenes because Jesse and Dave don’t believe in anal sex or any kind of penetration.
I know that according to the statistics 1 out of 3 gay couples don’t practice this kind of sex, but I’m always hopping that when I purchased a M/M romance, it will be about the other 2 guys from this equation, so, nope no sex scenes at all.

I know there is a lot of controversy about women who write gay romance and I can understand a lot of it. I’ve read several books where the sex scenes are so unrealistic to a point of being laughable. I try to keep the sex in my books believable by having at least three gay men on my list of beta readers. It’s the main reason I’m having so much trouble on my current WIP.

This is a group of five short stories about four cousins. I don’t like to call it a series. To me a series indicates a group of stories with the same main characters at different times in their lives. This group tells about four cousins who were introduced toward the end of my second book, “First Impressions Don’t Count.” At the time we met them, Lizzie, Mike and Catherine are 16 and Scott is 18. Lizzie and Mike have just discovered that the man they call Uncle Dave is, in reality, their biological father, and Scott has just come out to his father. It is now thirteen years later and:

Book one: Lizzie is divorced and now married to Sara.

Book two: Mike is living with two other men in a poly-amorous relationship.

Book three: Scott is in New York working as a drag performer. No one knows where he is except Lizzie who happened to see him perform one night and recognized him.

Book four: Catherine is married to Lizzie’s ex-husband.

Book five: Now Grandmother Johnson has requested the family come spend one last Christmas with Grandpa who has cancer.

Although these will be individual e-books as they are finished, they will eventually be published in one volume.

It’s Mike’s story I’m having a problem with. I thought it was done, but was told the plot for the beginning of the poly-amorous relationship was handled wrong. I am working with a friend who is in such a relationship.


Author: AT Weaver
Publisher: Self Published


Cousins Four – Lizzie

It’s been thirteen years since the four Johnson cousins have all been together when they are called home because Grandfather is dying.

Lizzie divorced her husband because he slept with her cousin, Catherine and moved to New York. After she meets Sara, she wonders – my biological father is gay, my twin brother is gay, my cousin is gay — is it possible?

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  1. The collective stories about the family sounds interesting. You’ve piqued my interest and I’ve added the books to my wishlist. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  2. Ah! This writer is an absolutely wonderful human being, and I’m also quite interested in the cousins, it sounds lovely and I would love to hear/read more.

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