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Title: Project Fierce Chicago
Author: B. Snow
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Cover Artist: Megan Derr

Project Fierce Chicago anthology — available now!!

Guest Post:

Thanks very much to Brandilyn and Prism Book Alliance for giving me the chance to talk about Project Fierce Chicago, which comes out today! It’s a fundraiser anthology, the proceeds of which will go to Project Fierce Chicago, an organization that works to provide housing and other services for LGBT youth.

Piper Vaughn, who lives in Chicago, had the idea for a fundraiser, and Less Than Three Press offered it a home. There are quite a mix of genres in the anthology, but the common theme is young people who lack a home. Since I’ve been very lucky in life and have had no personal experience with homelessness, I decided to go the fairy tale route and offer a retelling of Cinderella.

Of course my story has a happy ending; the original has a happy ending (for Cinderella and the prince, anyway), and I can’t not write happy endings. (Spoiler alert!) There are some pretty grim parts before that happy ending, but I hear readers like that sort of thing…. 🙂

Anyway, for this blog post, I thought I’d offer up something a bit lighter, and I had this idea: what if classic fairy tales had boys in the leading roles instead of girls?

I wanted to write a bunch of them, but this one came out longer than I intended, so I there’s only the one story here. That’s okay, it will give me something to do for other blog posts. 🙂

First thing I thought of: men would never put up with that glass slipper nonsense. I like the idea of a glass codpiece, but to be safe, it would have to be heavy, and probably not comfortable….but I digress. On to the story (with thanks to Helen Shaw who gave it a quick beta — any remaining mistakes are me ignoring her suggestions).

Cinderedgar is a poor, put-upon young man who lives with his evil stepmother and catty stepsisters and has to do chores all day and sleep by the hearth at night. His evil stepmother tries to stop him from attending the ball — he is a boy, but still prettier than either of his stepsisters, and they do NOT need that comparison. When his fairy godfather shows up (strongly resembling Tim Gunn, and yes, I know The Biggest Loser thought of it first, shut up), he transforms Cinderedgar’s rags into a dazzling formal suit and a rat into a glorious steed. Cinderedgar books it to the ball, his fairy godfather’s warning to return by midnight barely registering.

When he arrives, every other attendee fades into the background. The prince, once he picks his jaw up up off the floor, invites Cinderedgar to go play billiards. Over cigars and brandy, he bemoans the fact that his parents will not accept that he’s gay and have arranged this charade of a ball in a last attempt to “straighten” their son out. “You just haven’t met the right girl yet,” the queen has been saying for the past twelve years. Cinderedgar is sweetly sympathetic, the prince is enchanted, the billiards room is really too warm for such formal attire.

When the clock begins to strike twelve, Cinderedgar remembers his fairy godfather’s warning. He snatches up his clothing, dressing as quickly as he can, then he flees, despite the prince begging him to stay. In his haste, he leaves behind his boxer briefs. He is only halfway home when the clock finishes striking the hour; his suit changes back to rags, the rat is a rat once again. Cinderedgar pockets the rat and walks home, replaying the memory of the prince’s lips on his lips and on his other places (Cinderedgar’s, not the rat’s).

The next day, a courtier arrives, followed by a cadre of annoyed looking washer-women. He has been tasked to find the owner of the boxer-briefs left the previous night at the castle, for the man whom they fit is the one true love of the prince.

The courtier thinks the boxer-briefs might fit Cinderedgar and asks him to try them on, after assuring him that they have been washed and dried after each try-on. The washer-women glare at Cinderedgar, but he smiles at them, silently reassuring them that they won’t be doing any more washing that day. He recognizes his boxer-briefs and knows they will fit…and indeed, they fit perfectly, hugging his strong thighs, clinging to his rounded backside, and emphasizing his impressive package.

The courtier is ecstatic, the washer-women leave for a well-deserved drink, and the evil stepmother pitches a fit. Even seeing how entranced the prince had been with Cinderedgar at the ball, she’d still held out hope that if she could slip him a roofie, he might compromise at least one of her daughters.

But her hopes do not come to pass. She and her daughters end up with their own reality show and become the most hated family in the kingdom, while the prince and Cinderedgar marry and live happily ever after.

The End


I have a couple more guest blog spots coming up and I can’t decide which fairy tale to rewrite next, so please give me some suggestions in the comments below. A randomly chosen commenter will win an e-copy of one book from my massively extensive backlist, by which I mean the Cross Bones anthology or my novella, “A Cunning Plan”, both from Dreamspinner. OR if the winner can wait a couple of months, I can get you a copy of another anthology I’m in, Bedtime Stories, from Wilde City Press.

And if you’d like to donate directly to Project Fierce Chicago (the organization), you can do so at the link at the top of the page.

Thank you, and good night!


In “Hearth and Home” (one of twenty stories in Project Fierce Chicago), Natasha tries on a glass slipper, blurts out the truth, and finds herself out on the street. Life with Stepmother was hard, but it means Natasha can do all sorts of work – if anyone in the city will hire her. Her wit, strength, and heart eventually enable her to find work, a place to sleep, and friends, but she still yearns for her home – and a certain lady of the royal court – even though she knows it’s stupid to dream about the impossible.

About the Author:

B. Snow found her way into the magical world of writing by way of fanfiction, and original characters began banging on her brain several years ago.  If she can conquer her chronic procrastinitus, she may get that banging written down someday. She is currently published with Dreamspinner Press, Less Than Three Press, and will soon be published with Wilde City Press.

Originally from the west coast, B. Snow and her husband now live in the Atlanta area with their cat, who is really the one in charge.

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24 thoughts on “B. Snow talks Project Fierce Chicago ~ Guest Blog, Giveaway

  1. A suggestion for another fairy tale to rewrite…what about Beauty and the Beast? Thank you for being part of this anthology to help such a great cause!

    • Ooh, yes! Great idea, thank you! And I was happy to have the chance to help — my first fundraiser anthology. I have this sneaking suspicion that my “free” reads are better than any thing I write to try to sell. 😛

  2. In my review, I mentioned your story as one that “touched my heart”. I thought using the Cinderella concept as a jumping off point for Hearth and Home to be clever, well thought out and I really liked that the protagonists were both young women. Beautifully done, thank you.

    • Wow, thank you! You reviewed the book? Could you please give me the link so I can brag? 😉 No, but really, I’d like to promote the book as much as possible, so a review would be great. I’m so glad you liked the story!

    • Heh. I actually thought of quite a good idea for it, but it’s coming out a bit darker than I would like….but I still might write it up for fun. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my post!

    • Ooh, the Ugly Duckling! Not a traditional fairy tale, but still a good story. I love cinderella stories,and the ones where the glasses come off and the hair comes down and everyone realizes the person is beautiful. Or better, when the love interest thought so all along, like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

      Thanks for checking out my guest post!

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