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Prism Book Alliance would like to thank Clare London for taking the time to talk with us today. Don’t forget to check out our review of NO Angel. There is also a Giveaway, so don’t miss that.

Clare London's recent Novella

Title: No Angel
Author: Clare London
Publisher:Amber Allure
Cover Artist: Trace Edward Zaber

Guest Post:

Thank you, Clare, for spending some time with us here on Prism Book Alliance. I have just read and reviewed No Angel, and have some probing questions for you 😉 on all sorts of subjects. I have to confess a few of them might have been suggested by you and your readers!!

Hi there, and many thanks to Prism Book Alliance for inviting me over. Looking forward to a mug of gingerbread latte while we chat :).

Both grab coffee…Do your characters talk to you, and do you have a favourite and why?

Well, I think it’s the other way around! I talk to them. Or rather, I chat through the dialogue with them as I write. There’s no substitute for reading dialogue aloud to see if, instead of sounding real, it sounds like something in a pre-school playground, or at the other end of the scale, in an elocution class! Though reading out loud gets me some odd looks at home, I can tell you. Favourite character? Well, for chatting, it’d be a choice of the cheeky ones 🙂 . Zeke in TRUECOLORS is a favourite, so is Bryn in my new release NO ANGEL. And most definitely the rather melodramatic actor Eddy in my forthcoming book A TWIST AND TWO BALLS (!).

That’s a title I’ll be looking out for! Which is your favourite of your books and stories?

Not fair, as you can imagine :). Like many authors, it’s usually the most recent. And I have several other favourites, depending on the genre. I suppose for contemporary romance it would be the novel TRUE COLORS, for fantasy it’d be BRANDED. For a humorous short read I love HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES, for gentle British romance it’s JUST-YOU EYES, and for out and out horror it’s PERFECTION!

If, like Felix in No Angel, someone invisible pinched your bum what would be your reaction?

Like the good, modest lady I am, I’d blush. No, honestly, I would. cough Then I’d probably roar with laughter. Like Bryn the ghost says in the story, it’d be a good handful!

Why do you write in different genres and sub-genres, and which is your favourite and why?

I like contemporary romance the best, with or without an erotic element. I like to think I can reflect modern life with enough reality that the reader can identify with the situation, but with the welcome addition of adventure and romance.

Why have I written in others? Because the Muse told me to LOL. Sometimes I’m inspired to create a fantasy world where something beyond science or modern society can happen. Sometimes I want to write a chucklefest – sometimes a bittersweet ending – sometimes outright horror. It stretches me as a writer, and taps into my fairly unruly imagination. It’s the joy of writing!

Do you like writing shorts more than full length novels and if so why is that?

I like both, but for different reasons, I must admit. Shorts are a real challenge because I believe an author should consider the value of every word, and make each one count in transporting the author into the story as soon and as deeply as possible. They’re a real treat to write, and give me the opportunity to explore a single scene in more detail, or the germ of an exciting idea.

I like novels when I have the time 🙂 because it’s a completely different style. Then it’s the time to relax into the characters and give them space to chat and look around, and develop their story. And the opportunity to create secondary and supporting characters – some of whom tend to steal the show!

What is your reply if a reviewer/fan mentions that they wished a ‘short’ of yours had been longer, remembering that this is usually meant as a compliment!?

LOL thanks for clarifying, because yes, I do take the comment usually as evidence that the reader wanted more of the story – a great compliment! – rather than they felt it was unbalanced or unfinished. I want my readers to be happy! but in some instances, the story tells itself completely and in the right style, but in less words. However, I do hope to write in the novella range upwards in the future i.e. 20k to 80k words, so maybe that’ll be gratefully received :).

What do you love about our online community and what frustrates you about it?

Well, I love the fact there is one! When I started writing, there was no one else near me writing the same fiction, or at least not that I knew at that time. But writing online – and subsequently publishing – meant that I also gained a network of friends and fellow colleagues and fans, all over the world. Thanks to the dear old internet, we could all “meet”. It would never have been possible otherwise.

It also means access to more good books – thanks, fellow authors! – and opinions, recommendations and warnings. Trips to Conventions to meet friends in real life! Information about the industry and publishers. Guidance on putting myself out there as an author and, effectively, starting my own business.

What frustrates me is the un-moderated freedom of it all. That may sound like a contradiction, but the freedom to make friends and feel connected is also the freedom to be misunderstood and – sorry to say it – sometimes abused. The freedom to discuss topics and learn all kinds of new stuff is also the freedom to have w***kfests on line, complaining about books / authors / topics / name-your- poison, many of which upset me and demoralise me.

Ah well. It’s a game of two halves, as they say!

Sometimes to enjoy the good I think we have to recognise the opposite comes with it, and hope that good sense triumphs in the end. What do you enjoy in the books you read and what makes a book ‘stay’ with you long after you’ve finished it?

The characters, most definitely. I love it when they spring to life off the page, tangle your emotions, and leave traces of their “voice” in your head for years to come. I love a good twist to a plot :), hopefully something I didn’t see coming. I like bold, vivid, beautiful, well-crafted prose. I like books that make me think and smile and feel angst. That make me want to concentrate on every word, not only to get the benefit of all the story, but because I don’t want them to finish LOL.

Do you think the American narrative voice features too heavily in the m/m romance genre particularly?

I think it’s natural when so many of the prestigious publishers are US-based, and also so many of the authors and readers. It’s a huge market! But I don’t feel it’s a deliberate bias. I think there are many examples of other nationalities represented in reading, writing and publishing, and growing daily.

What can UK authors do to make their voices heard more in the LGBTQ literary world?

I think we’re already well on the way with our fiction. British authors are making their name in the US and worldwide market, without losing their unique style. I think we contribute our own vocabulary, our own wit, and our own range of subject matter. E-publishing has been a marvellous opportunity to get published in the first place, and most overseas publishers are now very happy to accept our words and our spelling without trying to generalise it all.

This is particularly obvious in the progression of the UK Meet. Every year there’s stronger representation and flow between the nationalities and branches of the literary world. Keep writing, keep publishing, keep reaching out. More of the same, I say!

Final question, meeting you was definitely a highlight of UK Meet for me, do you think the lovely inclusive atmosphere is a result of the UK/Eurocentric nature of this ‘Con’ and do you think numbers will ever have to be restricted to retain that atmosphere?

Oh I agree wholeheartedly! I think the UK/Eurocentric flavour is unique and part of the event’s charm. We’re really keen to maintain and nurture that unique selling point.

To me, the UK Meet is ALL about inclusivity. That means all shades of the GLBTQ rainbow,all ages, nationalities, heights and widths of supporters of the fiction. And especially all types of involvement – by that I mean not just readers and authors, but also bloggers, artists, editors, booksellers, commentators etc etc.

That said, we also think the size of the event this year in Bristol was just about right, to support all I’ve just said :). So although we hope not to have to bring in any active restrictions, we won’t be looking to run it much bigger.

And may I say, it was lovely to meet you too, Beverley! We “clicked” right away, helped of course by a jug of Pimms :). Here’s to next year!

Cheers Clare! Is it 2015 yet?!

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Felix’s life is full, juggling a supportive homelife for his disabled brother, a job as a care home assistant, a brand new boyfriend—and now he’s had his arse pinched by a lewd gay ghost on the late night bus!

If only that were the end of it. But Bryn the ghost follows him home and wheedles himself into Felix’s life. That includes sharing his shameless opinions on the patronising way Felix treats his brother, on how Felix should eat more food and put some flesh on his bones, and—worst of all—exactly how Felix should be getting down to it with his seriously sexy new boyfriend Mickey! And in between all that, Bryn finds time to leer at Felix himself and make outrageous suggestions on what they’d be doing if Bryn wasn’t…well…ghostly.

Felix considers he’s a tolerant guy. But the last thing he needs now is to get wrapped up in the mystery of a missing teenage girl, the inhabitants of a local squat, and conversations with a fire-and-brimstone old preacher. Yet with a nudge or six from Bryn, the help of his brother Patrick, and some cosy loving from Mickey, Felix starts to wonder how he ever thought his life was busy before!

About the Author:

Clare London took her pen name from the city where she lives, loves, and writes. A lone, brave female in a frenetic, testosterone-fueled family home, she juggles her writing with the weekly wash, waiting for the far distant day when she can afford to give up her day job as an accountant.

She’s written in many genres and across many settings, with novels and short stories published both online and in print. She says she likes variety in her writing while friends say she’s just fickle, but as long as both theories spawn good fiction, she’s happy. Most of her work features male/male romance and drama with a healthy serving of physical passion, as she enjoys both reading and writing about strong, sympathetic, and sexy characters.

Clare currently has several novels sulking at that tricky chapter three stage and plenty of other projects in mind… she just has to find out where she left them in that frenetic, testosterone-fueled family home.

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