Designated Bottoms by Various ~ Book Review by Caroline

A great collection of stories about boys who love to bottom!!

22745762 Title: Designated Bottoms

Author: Various

Publisher: Torquere Press

Cover Artist:

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


Some men are bottoms by birth, others by choice. Whatever the reason, a designated bottom is someone who’s happy to surrender, to submit, or just catch instead of pitch!

In Czech Me Out, by BA Tortuga, Korde discovers what it’s like to fall for someone when food truck owner Josh takes on the cowboy virgin.

Katey Hawthorne’s gamer grad student Paul doesn’t date. He keeps things strictly physical. So why is Sammy so important to him in The Mistell?

Kitty shifter and stripper Aleks doesn’t mix business with pleasure, but he thinks Rafe might just be the master for him in Julia Talbot’s Faster Bobcat.

Sean Michael’s Peter isn’t sure about the club his friend takes him to, especially when Doms start hitting on him. Experienced Dom Rupert is happy to help, explaining about that Little Square of Cloth.

In Sgt. Hardass, by Shannon West, recent ex-Army man Jake meets up with a man he has history with, and Chad isn’t sure he can explain himself and defuse Jake’s anger.

In the Prince of Paupers by Kiernan Kelly, Prince Liam and longtime friend Deacon have to go back to Deacon’s Appalachian home, much to the prince’s dismay.

And in Switching It Up by KC Wells, Jay knows he looks like a twink, but only hunky Dean understands that looks can be seriously deceptive.

My View:

Czech me out

When Korde visits Josh’s food truck he comes away with more than he bargained for. Asked to come over to give Josh a quote for some kitchen tiling it soon becomes obvious Josh has more than work on his mind. Korde is a sexy cowboy with zero sexual experience and after the hottest time of his life in Josh’s bed he runs and hides. Will Josh be able to get him back or is Korde’s guilt and embarrassment going to confine him to the closet?


Paul is the ultimate bottom who doesn’t date and describes himself as a slut. When a night out with a gaming pal Samir turns into flirting and kissing Paul’s outlook on life starts to slowly change. Samir is definitely interested but why won’t he take things further? And why does it seem like every man from his past suddenly wants him when he is only interested in one man? Paul and Samir were very cute together even if they didn’t communicate with each other too well sometimes.

Faster Bobcat

If you like a little kink with your cat shifters then this is for you. Sexy dancer Aleksy meets with a client outside of work for the first time ever. Once past the lust he realises just how much he wants the other man but Rafe isn’t sure about the commitment and Aleksy feels let down. He needs a master and his cat needs a mate but is Rafe the man to provide him with either or both.

Little Square of Cloth

When Peter’s friend shoves him through the door of a local BDSM club with the wrong colour hankie in his back pocket every badass Dom in the place wants a piece of him. Rupert rescues the terrified man and instantly a connection is formed. Peter is an in the closet virgin with an interest in submission and he may have just found his perfect master in the most unexpected way.

Sergeant Badass

Jake is sergeant badass in the barracks and Chad is the person getting under his skin the most – why can’t the young man just behave! When a drunken Chad hits out at Jake one night it could be the move that ends his army career but instead he ends up sobbing in Jakes arms and then kissing him. Despite all Jakes objections his willpower fails him and he ends up meeting Chad on the down low as often as he can. When a family emergency takes Chad home their affair abruptly ends and Jake is left heartbroken, angry and bitter. Two years later he may finally be able to lay the ghost of Chad to rest but will he be strong enough to carry through with his plan?

Prince of Paupers

A kind of modern day fairytale. Prince Liam leads and charmed and spoiled life. Deacon lives the opposite but the two are lifelong friends. When Deacons family are having problems Liam is quick to jump in and help. When they finally kiss they are both worried about the impact it will have on their friendship which is too important to both of them to mess up. What happens is quite the opposite and a sweet love affair blooms, but first they must deal with the god awful preacher!

Switching it Up

Looks can be deceiving! The big muscled man wants nothing more to let go and be dominated. The small ‘twink looking’ man has no intention ever of being a bottom but not many people can understand that fact about him. When Jay and Dean meet it seems they are perfect for each other but when Jay panics and runs will it be too late to fix things?

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