Five Thing Friday! Pet Peeves


Each Friday, here at Prism we will be tackling a very important topic… of sorts.  Five Thing Friday…  The topic will change each week, so be sure to check back.  We encourage you to comment with your own Five Things!

Topic: Pet Peeves

I asked each of our reviewers to tell me five things that annoy them.

Pet Peeve


  • People who take themselves too seriously.
  • People who feel the need to impart their view of the world on me and tell me why mine in wrong.  This applies to so many things, but the one that gets my hackles up most is telling me how to parent my children.
  • People who can’t be bothered to make sure they have the right word.  This can apply to both written and spoken word.  I hate finding incorrect homonyms in the written word, but I also hate it when someone uses a word that just isn’t right because they can’t bother to find out the definition of said word.
  • Excuses and Whining.  Yes, these go hand in hand.  Take responsibility for your actions, people.
  • Drama Llamas


  • Inconsiderate drivers and they are not usually the young ones! Elderly drivers whose confidence is waning, terrify me. From driving so slowly a queue builds up behind them, to changing minds about the direction they want at junctions! This comes to mind because yesterday I was one of the poor drivers who had to avoid a scared old lady driving the wrong way round a roundabout #shiver#
  • Call Centres – Everything about them from the endless menu of ‘press 1 for..!’ to the ‘you are number 40 in the queue!’ Then they insult you by a) playing the most awful music ever, or completely ruin Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and b) by telling you ‘your call is important to them.’ The I’m afraid when you do get a live person it is an Indian lady or gentleman telling you their name is Dave or Sue with an accent so thick you have say pardon or excuse me every 2 secs. I’m not being particularly racist my Husband works for an Indian company and we got one of our friends Atul to phone the call centre for us and he couldn’t understand their accent either and he lives in Bangalore!
  • Inaccurate Characterisation – I hate chicks with dicks romances! Some of the m/m books I review are interchangeable with Het romances except for the equipment. Love is Love but reactions and thoughts and presentations are different. Gay men are NOT women and I don’t want them to be. Additionally, gay men are not just nice. Some are; some are wonderful; some are bright; some are thick; some are liars; some cheat; some don’t work out; some have boring jobs they like; they fart; some smell; some are petty but loveable; some are older when they find love; some have several important relationships so are older; some have ordinary lives with families and routine and are bloody happy. Am I getting my peeve across? Being gay and writing about gay men gives an added facet to play with and work into a story. It is a facet that affects those men deeply, but it doesn’t define who they are and a novel should look at all facets of characters, even in m/m romance etc.
  • Arguments which never change. Here I can apply my peeve (which is probably a weak word for this) to the literary fora on social media, and global politics-  Our meeting place on the social media often descends into disarray over the same arguments over and over again, and no matter what anyone says, at the end everyone still retains their original position. For example~ Women writing m/m romances and Authors/Reviewers behaving badly. I have only been following/participating in the m/m forum on FB for about 18 months and I have lost count how many times these same arguments have arisen. I can also predict they will come up again, and I already know which side most of the regulars on FB will take.   Take this to Global politics ~ Arguments that will never change usually involve religion and Oil. We have Israel v Palestinians when people are pointing to biblical references for who should reside in certain territories, you know it’s a lost cause. There will never be a resolution because there is no desire to change generational opinions. This war has atrocities on both sides, but until you can even agree on the date hostilities started….AD or BC at least would help, the arguments never change. Afganistan v Afganistan (UK, Russia, US…) Religion again and oil. You can hide this war behind altruistic reasons but it comes down to Christians v Muslims and Oil. Christians have fought Muslims since Christianity began. Neither will see the other as anything other than ‘Infidel’ so change the arena as you will this is an argument which never changes.
  • Dried up soap in guest bathrooms! I have lovely friends and relatives but I really hate having to prise a dirty piece of hard soap from its dish to wash my hands! Buy liquid my friends and throw the hard, grubby lumps away!


  • People not using their turn signals while driving. Instant road rage.
  • Improper grammar in semi-professional articles/posts. Particularly about literature as a subject.
  • Assumptions. UGH. If you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, why would you do so with people?
  • Whining. Of any sort. *Note- whining and ranting are not the same and should not be viewed as such.*
  • People singing along to songs when they don’t know the words. – Ten to one said people have a smartphone with internet access within their grasps. LOOK. UP. THE. LYRICS. If the chorus is all you know, then wait until it comes on and belt it out. But it is not necessary to mumble words that are believed to be in the song that in actuality are completely incorrect and highly annoying.


  • Propagation of bullish*t articles/memes on Facebook or any other form of social media. It’s irresponsible not to check facts before posting.
  • Blinker signals. They’re there for a reason: to keep accidents from happening. Use them!
  • Talking or use of cells phones during a movie. Why would someone spend all that money and NOT watch the movie? Wait until it comes out for home viewing if you can’t remain quiet or off your phone for 2 hours.
  • Shopping carts left in parking spaces. Seriously, people?? Put. The cart. Away!
  • Phone calls during dinner or sex. ‘Nuff said.


  • The (Shower) Masturbation Scene While Thinking Of Love Interest. Gah. For a while there, it seemed to me as if every m/m book I read felt the need to have one of those, as if this were the only way to get across to me as the reader how very into another guy the main character is. T(S)MS can put me off a story to a degree that I’ve even abandoned books for it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against self-love scenes. Some authors write them to maximum impact (and yes, even while having their guys do the deed in the shower). It’s the “insert shower jerkoff scene here” thing I have issues with.  Oh, and while we’re on sex, the whole dutiful ticking of boxes (“kissing, handjob, blowjob, anal, switch…”; “one, two, three fingers…”) is another pet peeve. And cum. The word, not the thing. I just don’t like the word
  • The Goodreads Wars. Not literary, but related. Authors vs. reviewers. Friends of reviewers vs. fans of authors. Lovers of a book vs haters of a book. I won’t elaborate any further in order to not start one of those here, but that kind of thing is the reason I’m not on Goodreads as often as I used to be anymore.
  • Bad editing. Purely literary. Nobody’s perfect, and mistakes happen, I get that. But no matter how much I like a story in and of itself, if the text is riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors so glaringly obvious even I as an ESL speaker stumble upon it, I won’t be able to enjoy the book and end up regretting I bought it in the first place. The same applies to bad content editing, perhaps even more so, since coming across gross content mistakes in a book always makes me feel as if I paid good money for shoddy work.
  • Telling not showing. Also literary, but applies to life too, somewhat. I just don’t like to be told what I should think, I guess
  • Big Misunderstandings. Literary, even though misunderstandings can’t always be avoided in RL either. Using the BM to split the MC and love interest up… often feels so contrived to me


  • Humiliation and water sports in BDSM.
  • MM books that include het
  • MM series that then include a het book.


  • People who eat with their mouth open … Gag!
  • The “Pray for Me” people on Facebook – “Pray for me, I’m about to get my tooth filled at the dentist!” “Pray for me, I’m going to get my drivers license renewed!” … Really?! You think God is all “Hold everything … I know we have famine, disease and pestilence, but Susie Allaboutme is stressed over getting her license renewed!” Egocentric much?
  • People who cut their fingernails in public … *shudders*
  • Self appointed guardians of the speed limit – You know the ones … they drive precisely 2-3mph UNDER the speed limit … and they are always in front of you!
  • People who have 357 items and plop themselves in the Express Check-Out line for 20 and under items … and then cop an attitude with the 19 year old shy kid with a bad case of acne at the register when asked to go to a regular checkout. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

  • Those who don’t take responsibility for their actions.
  • Those who constantly strive to be the center of attention yet have nothing of merit to say.
  • Those who use the far left lane on the highway as if it were any other lane. It’s a PASSING LANE!
  • Those who play the martyr and expect to be lauded for it.
  • Those who are bigoted and narrow-minded yet believe they are enlightened.

Pizzy Girl

  • incorrect use of homonyms (we all know the worst offenders)
  • being overlooked at work because I “don’t have enough experience yet” and I am a woman
  • Chronic Hypocrisy (we all fall victim from time to time, but for some, this is a way of life)
  • the idea that beauty only refers to appearance (stop judging a book by its cover)
  • extreme arrogance and/or laziness at work. (No one owes you a thing. You are being paid to do a job, if you don’t want to do that job, quit so someone else can have your spot.)


  • People putting dishes on the counter above the dishwasher instead of inside
  • People using “your” when they mean “you’re”
  • People taking two parking spots
  • Toilet paper not being hung correctly or at all

So what are your Five Things???

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8 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday! Pet Peeves

  1. Our 5-Thing Fridays are a blast! I learn so much about my fellow reviewers and have discovered we all share quite a bit common with each other.

  2. I’ll stick to my pet peeves in writing:

    1. The use of ‘truth be told.’ It’s like nails on a chalkboard. Once that’s used in a story my interest in the book plummets even if it’s never used again.

    2. Telling instead of showing.

    3. Head-hopping. Especially without paragraph breaks or chapter breaks but especially every other paragraph or within a paragraph.

    4. ‘Obviously,’ and ‘clearly.’ The author telling the readers that the characters ‘clearly knew this’ or ‘obviously were aware of,’ like we’re too stupid to figure it out ourselves.

    5. Long bouts of monologue and description. Those two, especially in combination, can have me tuning out in no time.

    I’ll add one thing I do like. Shower wanking scenes. I happen to be one of those readers that loves them. Now, if only more stories had phone sex 😉

  3. A wonderful way of getting to know you all better. I kind of want to hide in the corner because I exhibit a few of these traits a lot of the time. Adding to the pet peeve list for me is:
    1) Cheaters. Can’t stand them in RL and I’m mostly bias towards them in books.
    2) Self-pity. Boohoo. It’s done move on.
    3) People who share their views and then try to convert you.
    4) People who talk in a roundabout when they want something from you.
    5) Small-minded or stuck in their way people(kind of goes with #3)

  4. I agree with many of the above pet peeves.
    One of my pet peeves is the car next to you who is nearly parallel with your car and who starts moving into your lane assuming that they have right away because they turned on their signal light, which you CAN’T see.
    Or the slightly different pet peeve where they are a little bit ahead of your car and they start cutting into your lane without even signaling, forcing you to brake or cause a collision etc.

    Another one is the rude person who will cut into lines ahead of people and not care about it.

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