Hard Feelings by Morgan James & Ashlyn Kane ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

HardFeelingsLG Title: Hard Feelings

Author: Morgan James & Ashlyn Kane

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Maria Fanning

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Rylan Williams hates conferences: too many people, not enough routine, and way too much interaction with strangers. When he gets stuck in a broken elevator with Miller Jones, the kid who fell asleep in his lecture, he figures things can’t get worse. Then Rylan realizes he’s the same guy he just spent an hour perving over from afar.

Rylan wants to await rescue in silence, but Miller insists on conversation, or at least banter. But just because they don’t get along doesn’t mean they don’t have chemistry, and Rylan breaks all his rules about intimacy for a one-time-only conference hookup. He’ll probably never see Miller again anyway. So of course, two months later Miller shows up at Rylan’s office, having just been hired to work on a new computer program—with Rylan.

And Rylan thought being stuck in an elevator with him was bad.

Soon Rylan and Miller learn that they get along best when they take out their frustrations in the bedroom. Their arrangement goes against everything Rylan believes in, but the rules are simple: Don’t stay overnight. Don’t tell anyone. And don’t fall in love.

My View:

Rylan and Miller hate each other on sight. Actually, that isn’t quite true; Rylan is an ass to Miller from the moment they meet. They still managed to have a hot time in Hawaii. Of course in the grand tradition of romance novels, a month or so later they have to work together. Not only work together, but share and office and co-head a project team. They find that sex is a great way to relieve the tension between them from the UST and Rylan’s general asshattery. Once they start fucking like bunnies, the slowly realize there is more.

There is a lot of back story and family drama in Hard Feelings, almost to the point that I started skimming some of it here and there because it was not as essential to the main story line. That being said; I enjoyed watching Rylan and Miller’s relationship grow. Of course, Rylan is the last to know he and Miller are more than just non-quite-fuck-buddies. Miller is pretty obviously head-over-heels despite himself early on.

Overall Hard Feelings is well written, and the two co-authors worked together rather seamlessly. Though a bit formulaic in places, Hard Feelings was an enjoyable read.

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