Hunt by Bailey Bradford ~ Book Review by Leisa

The second in Bailey Bradford’s Spotless shifter series …

Hunt Title: Hunt

Author: Bailey Bradford

Publisher: Totally Bound

Cover Artist: Posh Gosh

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Steven was on a mission he knew could cost him his life, but instead he might find himself truly living for the first time.

Steven has spent his life protecting his brother Adal and serving their sadistic father, Bashuan, as a means of bargaining for both of their lives. He’s done things no man should have to do, things no shifter should have to do. Throughout it all, Bashuan has hated him and Adal for being halfbreeds, part puma and part leopard. Doesn’t matter that Bashuan is responsible for their mixed blood. There’s no logic to his hatred.

But Adal has found a mate, and Steven is going to make sure his brother gets the opportunity to live out a normal shifter life with the man. He’s going to try his best, anyway. Steven is aware that Bashuan may win, that evil could triumph the new-found good in Steven’s life. He’s seen it happen—good guys don’t always survive.

What Steven forgets is that he’s not nor has he ever been the good guy, and the Fates have a reward for him that will break the rules of all known shifter matings. They’re sending him not one, but two mates, and both men will fight with him and for him—and nothing will keep them from Steven.

My View:

Anyone who reads Hide, the first in Bailey Bradford’s Spotless series, wants Adal’s brother Steven to get his much deserved happy ending. This is Steven’s story …

Steven is such a strong and loyal character – he has always done his best to stand between Adal and their father’s violence. He genuinely loves his brother and feels protective toward him. Now that Adal has found his mate and has a chance at true happiness, Steven is alone in his quest to kill their vile father. Fortunately, fate has sent two mates for Steven who will stand by his side. Cole and Shaun are shifters who love each other, but know they are not mates and cannot consummate their love. With their mating with Steven, all three men find a love that completes their soul and strengthens their united force against evil.

I am a known fan of poly-amorous relationships, and Steven, Cole, and Shaun together form a loving and strong unit. Although Steven has seen much violence in his life, his is a stranger to intimacy and love. The sex scenes between the three are caring and really, really sexy. Steven’s innocence is both beguiling and endearing, and the three men together simply have a delicious chemistry.

There is also an angst filled story line that is intriguing and exciting, and a surprising ending that adds to Steven, Cole and Shaun’s happy future together. I recommend you read this interesting and ultimately hopeful shifter story. However, I do suggest you read the first in the series, Hide, before you enjoy this story.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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