Risk and Reward by Jenni Michaels ~ Book Review by Caroline

22394991 Title: Risk and Reward

Author: Jenni Michaels

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist:

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars


Matthew Bryson spends his days working quietly and wishing for a chance to explore another side of himself. When he gathers the nerve to post on a BDSM message board, Matthew meets Evan Haynes, a Dom recently removed from the scene after a messy break-up with his boyfriend/sub.

Evan and Matthew enter into a tentative D/s relationship, but only Matthew receives gratification. Still shaken from his experience, Evan refuses sexual reciprocation from Matthew, afraid he’ll grow too close. While Evan is the perfect Dom to satisfy Matthew’s needs, he finds it harder than he anticipated to keep Matthew at a distance, and it eventually becomes more than he can bear.

My View:

I must admit after reading the blurb for this one that I thought it would be more about the BDSM side of things. Although there was an initial discussion and a few scenes it wasn’t central to the story for me.
Matthew is an actuary and lives a pretty quiet life. He enjoys sex but has always felt as though something was missing…..he is pretty sure he would like some pain but isn’t sure how to ask a hook up for that. He bravely posts an ad on a BDSM message board and then even more bravely agrees to meet up with the man that replies to him.

Evan likes to be dominant in his sexual relationship and enjoys nothing more than giving his partner a good spanking. Left badly shaken in his last relationship he is on a guilt trip with his feelings but when he sees Matthews ad something compels him to respond.

The two men hit it off and Matthew gets the first taste of what he craves. For him it is undoubtedly a success. For Evan it proves more difficult, he is willing to dominate Matthew but he will not allow it to become sexual….huge problem when he really fancies the other man.

After a couple of successful scenes Evan panics and abandons Matthew a bit too quickly neglecting him in his aftercare. If he can’t get past his hang ups from his previous relationship he realises he can never move forward but the fear is just too great. It looks as though things will be over before they really even get started.

This is really the story of Evan coming to terms with the fact that what he craves and enjoys is not wrong and doesn’t make him a bad person. Matthew will have to have patience and determination if he is to get anywhere with the man he has fallen for. Evan needs to toughen up a bit and Matthew might just be the man to help him do it.

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