Shift in Time by Mercy Celeste ~ Book Review by Caroline

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22385351 Title: Shift in Time

Author: Mercy Celeste

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist:

Rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars


Book 1 in the Out of Time Series

True love’s first kiss will not break a curse.

Everyone knows that. Even a Normal like Morgan Monstros knows that.
But Fane Llewellyn isn’t everyone. He’s like no one Morgan has ever met.
Small, fragile and fierce, Fane doesn’t remember who he is or where he came from. He remembers pain and loneliness. Decades of pain and loneliness. And Morgan Monstros. He could never forget Gan. Gan was his from the day he came to the island. And Fane would fight to the death to keep Morgan safe. Even if he has to fight the whole world to do it.
Take one powerless witch, a sassy Siamese familiar, a panther shifter with amnesia, a meddling wolf clan, and a coven of witches hell bent on war, swirl all together and you get the perfect spell for all out mayhem…..oh yeah and there’s chocolate cake too.

My View:

I’m almost certain this is the first time I have a paranormal/fantasy/shifter book by this author so I opened it with trepidation hoping I would enjoy it as much as all her previous books. When authors move away from their usual style and subjects sometimes the stories just get lost and it doesn’t work….this is definitely not the case here.

This book is packed with fantasy! A ‘normal’ who is the very definition of ‘not normal at all’! A Siamese cat that has certainly had more than nine lives. Good witches, bad witches and one very evil witch who has lost the plot. A powerful pack of wolves that at best seem to smell like wet dog all the time and two panthers who didn’t start out that way but who are now very catty!

Morgan was born into a strong witch family but has grown up without any powers and no one knows why. He lives his life as a normal – a human – and spends most of his time looking after his family home on a remote Island. He has signed an oath, in blood, of which even his parents are unaware. There has been great deception in his family and the thing that might just break that silence and cause merry chaos is Fane.

Fane is beautiful. His arrival is very unexpected and initially Morgan thinks he is either hallucinating or dreaming, things like that aren’t really possible. Fane is missing his memories but knows that he has been dealt a great wrong by and evil tyrannical witch. His initial few days on the Island are hilarious, especially when he discovers the toilet.

These two men are brought together in the most unusual circumstances that will lead to the direst consequences. Both betrayed, both desperately needing to remember parts of their pasts and both their pasts seemingly intertwined to the same person.

A fight is on to save their lives as witches and werewolves gather and they will have to learn to trust each other very quickly if their plans are to succeed.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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