Tameness of the Wolf Books 1 & 2 by Kendall McKenna ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Tameness-of-the-Wolf Title: Tameness of the Wolf Books 1 & 2

Author: Kendall McKenna

Publisher: MLR Press

Cover Artist: Jared Rackler

Rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars


Strength of the Pack

A Marine werewolf and his commander bring legends to life while surviving combat deployment in Afghanistan.

Lieutenant Lucas Young doesn’t know much about shifters. When Sergeant Noah Hammond is assigned to Lucas’ platoon, the Marine Corps’ True Alpha werewolf challenges the Lieutenant’s authority and his self-control. As Lucas learns to dominate and command Noah, he struggles against a strong attraction and deepening emotional bond. During their combat deployment to Afghanistan, Lucas and Noah begin mirroring legendary partnerships. Their bond and their power grow as they survive dangerous combat and ambushes. When one of them is wounded in battle, they both must embrace the strength of their bond before they lose each other forever.

Strength of the Wolf

Major Tim Madison has his hands full. A young Alpha werewolf has stormed into his personal life, while Tim struggles to keep military werewolves from safe on the front lines.

After a fiery exit from Afghanistan, Tim Madison is promoted to major. Jeremy Wagner is a civilian, just beginning his Transition to True Alpha. As a lone wolf, he has no one to teach him the vital principles of strong leadership. After a volatile chance encounter, Tim and Jeremy form an intimate bond. As Jeremy prepares to someday lead his own pack, Tim struggles with military werewolves being needlessly maimed in combat, as well as specifically targeted by hostile forces. Despite Tim and Jeremy’s feelings, werewolf and human politics or family conflict could prevent their mate-bond.

My View:

I debated for a long time whether to write this review or not. Caroline recently reviewed the third installment in the Tameness of the Wolf series from Kendall McKenna, so I was going to leave it at that. However, after reading McKenna’s Recon Diaries series, I had to go back and re-read Strength of the Pack and Strength of the Wolf so that I could thoroughly enjoy Strength of the Mate. I am so glad I did. However, even the second time around, this series had the same effect on me that it did the first time. Massive book hangover.

As I was reading each book in this series, I would look up and wonder HOW I was in the comfort of my air-conditioned house and not surrounded by the Afgan mountains or Iraqi desert. When I put the books down, I would have to calculate just how long until I could pick them back up. When I finished them, I just could not leave them behind. I took a few moments to regroup and then began a quest to recapture the mood by finding other shifter books.

I read the three books currently in the Tameness of the Wolf series back to back. It has been a few days since I finished them, and I am thinking about starting them over, yet again.

One of my favorite things about this series, other than the hot as hell Marines, is that Homosexuality is a given and accepted thing. Yes there are het couples in the background, but no one bats an eye and two men together. This is how it should be, how I hope it will be in my lifetime. I appreciate reading a series where homophobia is not a plot device.

Strength of the Pack 5*

When I first read Strength of the Pack, almost nine months ago, I was still pretty new to the shifter genre. This is what I had to say way back when:

So I really wanted to read this one with all the great buzz it has been getting. In the end, I wasn’t disappointed. Lucas and Noah were HOT together even if Lucas did have his head up his ass a little too long… Interested to read Tim’s story (and I hope we get to see more of Noah and Lucas in book 2).

I still would not call myself an expert in the shifter trope, but come on, does it get hotter than a werewolf alpha male WILLINGLY submitting to a human? I don’t think it does. Given the power each of those men wields on their own, together, they are practically unstoppable. They are blazing a path together. Unfortunately, they don’t have too many people around to help him figure out exactly what that means.

Strength of the Wolf 4.25*

Strength of the Wolf is probably my least favorite of the three stories in this series so far. However, I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the shifter trope or hot Marines. Tim and Jeremy are hot together, even if Jeremy does act like a bit of a brat at times. I liked that the dynamics between Tim and Jeremy were much different than those between Lucas and Noah. I was concerned how she would pull it off. I guess the best way to describe it is that Tim and Jeremy are more equals. There is no dominance relationship at play in this one.

You get to watch their love and affection grow alongside Jeremy’s powers and maturity. You also get to see the outsiders view of Lucas and Noah as a couple and as a team. You get to see just how powerful they are together. There is a bit of a “nothing ever happens” feel to this one, but at the same time, huge strides are made for the werewolf Marines. If you enjoy SotP, you will definitely want to read SotM.

Strength of the Mate 5*

I would not normally review a book which we have already reviewed here on Prism. I think Caroline did a fabulous job with her review. I only want to say one thing. In the beginning, I did not like Adam much, but just stick with him, please.

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