The Bible Boys by Dan Skinner ~ Book Review & Giveaway by Beverley

Dan Skinner is an auto buy for me and if I’m lucky an auto review on PBA. How someone ever made this man doubt himself is a mystery to me. Dan is a born storyteller.

The Bible BoysTitle: The Bible Boys

Author: Dan Skinner

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Dan Skinner

Rating: 5.0 of 5 Stars


A Sin. An Abomination. Teenagers Caleb and Matthew had been told by the radical fundamentalist church that dominated their families’ lives that a love like theirs—between two boys—was unnatural and forbidden. That it would damn them forever. The religion controlled their families like puppets, watched their every move, made keeping a secret almost impossible. They had only one chance to be together…and it would be a daring one right under the noses of the very people who would condemn them…
The Bible Boys

My View:

From the gorgeous cover to ‘The End’, this is a confident tale told with sensitivity and lush images. The story involves Matt a very handsome young man, who discovers life and love in one weekend after a life of repression and misery. Caused by the fundamental Christian Cult his family belong to Matt is denied even the basic dignity of privacy. Despite his upbringing Matt at eighteen, is a thoughtful, intelligent gentle soul who discovers that he is attracted to boys and not girls.

Matt’s hellish existence is made worse by the fact that it is his handsome appearance which ostracises him from his peers, and ensures he is punished regularly by his elders. Matt cannot understand either situation until a long weekend he spends with The Bible Boys on Caleb’s family farm. The Bible Boys are supposed to be the ministers and elders in the making for the next generation. However, the group is really about strengthening the repression and oppression of the young men and creating young bullies and homophobes.

I don’t want to go into the story any more because it is a treasure to uncover as you read. It is one of those stories that if someone said ‘what is it about? what happens?’ you would hesitate to say because Dan’s writing is not about big incidents or huge revelations. It is about emotion and uncovering truths in a believable and sometimes painful way. It doesn’t hurt that the author has such a visual way of writing. In The Bible Boys the lushness of the scenery and textures of hay, grass and skin are painted with words, which make them almost visceral. There is such a loneliness and innocence in Dan’s younger characters, which always strikes such a poignant note in his stories and the same is true here. Do not fear though the ending is very happy.

Dan Skinner reminds me of an American, Harper Fox. There is a similarity between these two authors in that they both use the textual imagery of nature and the natural to evoke emotion and specific moods. They also both do this very well.

The Bible Boys is 125 pages of storytelling heaven and I have no hesitation in making it a 5* read for me.

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