The Ex Factor by R.J. Scott ~ Book Review by Caroline

Another fantastic book by R.J. Scott and a great second book in the Bodyguards Inc. Series.

21519096 Title: The Ex Factor

Author: R.J. Scott

Publisher: Love Lane Books

Cover Artist:

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


When Bodyguard, Ben Collins, finds Daniel Lincoln in a room, hiding and hurt, he doesn’t immediately think Daniel is the victim of abuse. Daniel is good at pretending and being a finalist in a TV singing competition he seems like he has it made.

But something about Daniel calls to Ben’s need to protect and he hands Daniel a card to contact him if ever Daniel needed help. Abruptly, after one frightened phone call from Daniel, Ben is racing to Daniel’s aid and what he finds is a horror he can’t imagine.

Daniel is trapped in a relationship where anger and controlling hate are the only emotions he is given. When his boyfriend crosses the line and leaves Daniel vulnerable and broken there is only one man that he wants to call.

The sexy bodyguard who promised he could help him.

My View:

Daniel Lincoln is down to the last three in a televised talent show. Knowing that everyone expects him to take the third position doesn’t matter to Daniel who is pleased to have made it this far. Third place would give him a sense of worth, if only he felt worthy. Third place would give him enough money to get away, if only he was brave enough. Third place would give him back his freedom; if only he was sure he wanted to be free. Daniel is a victim of domestic abuse.

This is a tough little read that packs a punch and deals with a tough and often heartbreaking subject.

Ben works for Bodyguards Inc. and hates the type of job with wannabe, pain in the ass TV starlets….the kind of job he is currently on. When he escapes to a storage closet for a bit of peace he finds Daniel, clearly in pain, hiding there. Daniel is terrified of the huge man but grateful for the help he gives him. As expected Daniel comes in third and the competition is over. Almost as an afterthought Ben gives Daniel a business card with instructions to call him if he ever needs help.

Daniel undoubtedly needs Ben a few months later when he finds himself in a precarious situation in a hotel bathroom. Arriving only just in time, Ben is shocked at what he finds and quickly removes Daniel from imminent danger. Taking Daniel back to his parents home is just the beginning of his recovery as he struggles with his demons.

Daniel is scared, beaten, in pain but this time he is also showing determination and strength and Ben hopes it is enough to keep him away from the ex. Ben is also conscious that he attracted to Daniel but berates himself for what he sees as wildly inappropriate feelings. Little does he know his feelings are reciprocated but first Daniel must start to heal if they are to ever stand a chance at anything more.

This book takes a sensitive look at domestic abuse and recovery from it. It doesn’t sugar coat it but it also doesn’t glamorise it any way. It shows us it is brutal and wrong and often very difficult to walk away from. Well done RJ for another fantastic and hear felt story.

Now about Kyle and Ross……………

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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