Angel 1089 by C.C. Bridges ~ Book Review by Teresa

Book 1 of the Heaven Corp series

Angel 1089 Title: Angel 1089

Author: C.C. Bridges

Publisher: Samhain

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


When this deal breaks, Heaven will fall.

Heaven Corp, Book 1

Catching two demon burglars is routine for Gabriel 1089, who’s one cog in an army of cybernetically modified humans protecting the sky city of Heaven. Until two turns into a twenty-demon ambush. When he wakes up, he’s missing his network-enabled halo—and one of his metal wings.

The down-level junk dealer tending Gabe’s wounds has hands that spark nerve endings he never knew he possessed. But for an angel cut off from Heaven, an attic in Old Trent feels more like a trap than a sanctuary.

Demons on his doorstep are nothing new for Jeff Werth. Ever since they saved his daughter’s legs, they’ve been calling in their marker. In exchange for his services—nursing Gabe back to health so they can use him as a pawn in their war with Heaven—they’ll consider the debt paid in full. Except having a powerless angel at his mercy feeds a rising desire that has him rethinking the deal.

Then the de-haloed Gabe begins having dreams that become visions…then memories. Until he’s not sure whose side he’s on. Heaven, or the simple family man who healed his broken wings…and made his heart whole.

My View:

I started out reading Angel 1089 not quite knowing what to expect. What are the demons? What are the angels? Is this going to be a good vs evil type book? What I got was an engaging world set in a dystopian future where Heaven is a corporation and demons may not be as bad as you think.

I loved the sci-fi aspects, the gritty world that Jeff and his daughter Kayla live in. It seemed real and possible. I enjoyed seeing Gabe discover who he really was and adapt to the downworld he found himself in. The romance had a slow burn initially that I appreciated. I felt the connections developed between Gabe and Jeff.

The secondary cast of characters were great, and although Ian and Hank’s story, Exodus, is billed as book two, it actually takes place before this one. They, as well as a few other characters, help bring the story to life.

All in all, a solid sci-fi book that I would definitely watch if it came out on film!

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  1. Great review. I read this a while ago and really enjoyed it. I had hoped there would be more because I loved the world. I noticed the other day a new book in this series came out and I snatched that puppy right up!

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