Complementary Colors by Adrienne Wilder ~ Book Review by Christine

I read My Brother’s Keeper by Adrienne Wilder and knew that I needed to read and review Complementary Colors.  Hard-hitting and gorgeous, it did not disappoint.

ComplementaryColors Title: Complementary Colors

Author: Adrienne Wilder

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Adrienne Wilder and Dan Skinner

Rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars


My sister Julia manipulated my life into a prison to keep me silent about our dirty family secret. Her greed made me a slave and circumstance left me with no way to escape.

Trapped, the only way I could silence the nightmares driving me to insanity was to wrap them in color, hold them with shadow, and stitch them to negative space with line.

But no matter how bright the pigments, no one could see my confession.

Except for Roy Callahan.

I thought he was just another nameless one-night stand in a long line of many.
But I was wrong. Roy could see past the façade of my life and through the veil color over the canvas. He could see what the world couldn’t.

And with him I’d find the courage to tell the truth about the boy.

The boy who kissed me.
The boy who loved me.
The boy whose name I couldn’t remember.

My View:

Filled with color both figurative and literal, this story is a spiraling descent into the mind of Paris Duvoe, a brilliant, tortured artist with past secrets too horrifying to reveal.   In an effort to stave off the demons, he paints while merely existing as a pawn in his sister Julia’s game of control and greed. His mind is filled with a chaotic jumble of half-memories and vivid colors as he unveils snippets of his life as a tormented victim. Enter Roy Callahan, a man who was supposed to be another one-off like all the others, a man who sees Paris’s painful story on the canvasses, a man who wants to be a part of Paris’s life. Getting too close to Paris has its dangers, however, as the kaleidoscope of his mind slowly gives way to destructive memories that may be too powerful to overcome.

Complementary Colors takes an emotional toll on the reader, but oh, is it worth it! Its beautiful, sensual prose and raw, intense sexuality make this psychological thriller one of the most exciting books I have read so far this year.   With dark, sometimes brutal images, Adrienne Wilder paints vivid pictures of a fragmented mind and takes the reader on a twisting, compelling journey through the hell in which Paris is living. The mysterious past that drives his manic desperation to paint and his need for sex as a coping mechanism is captivating, and the revelations that come to light as the story progresses are disturbing and heart wrenching.

I fell hard for Paris and Roy.  Paris and his oppressive, agonized existence gutted me, while Roy’s sincere and persistent attempts to show Paris the beauty within himself and his potential to take control of his own life warmed my heart.   The two complement each other beautifully, and their intimate scenes explode from the page. Roy provides a bright shining light of hope even when Paris is in his darkest and most frightening places. Additionally, secondary characters are richly drawn and provide depth, balance, and tension. Julia is horrendous and an easy villain to hate, and the more supportive personalities are colorful and significantly impact the plot.

Unpredictable and fast-paced, Complementary Colors packs an emotional punch that doesn’t let up until the very end. Though there are still a few unanswered questions at the conclusion, it is a riveting tale of a man’s epic battle for his sanity and, ultimately, one of redemption and love. I highly recommend it for a gripping, edgy read.

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I would like to thank the author for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. I read this book also, and I have to agree with you, truly amazing. For me, it’s one of the best books I’ve read.

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