Dracones – Anthology by Various ~ Book Review by Teresa

Dracones Title: Dracones – Anthology

Author: Various

Publisher: Storm Moon Press

Cover Artist: Nathie Block

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars


Almost every ancient civilization has stories of some form of dragon, from the winged serpents of Asian lore to the traditional Western image of the fire-breathing behemoth. Literature is filled with stories of valiant heroes riding into the jaws of danger to slay the beast and rescue the princess. But sometimes, the knight in shining armor is less interested in the maiden in distress than in the dragon he’s supposed to slay. Dracones brings together seven stories detailing the power and majesty of a dragon’s love.

Most of the humans in Fugue in Gold and Fire are unknowingly animals in human form, and when the Vesti Moon rises, the animal forms break free, with no memory of their human lives. Lovers Adri and Dru search for a way to recognize each other during the change, but when Dru’s true form turns out to be a dragon, he considers never changing back. Peter Harington aspires to be a Teller of Tales when he submits his fictional dragon manuscript for publication. Tom, the editor assigned to work with Peter, though, finds the worldbuilding a little too real and is determined to learn the truth. When the dragon Daire is wounded, only the Weird Magics of alchemist Cyras can heal him. But when one of the fae is found killed and her blood drained, Daire suspects his savior of illegal experimentation and murder.

Then, in Chanson Commencante de Guerre, the ancient dragon Rayvak finds himself strangely drawn to the young dragon shifter Stormy, despite the years of war between the dragons and the dragon shifters. The two must overcome centuries of animosity if they are to find any happiness together. Psychic David and his dragon lover Ferdie are literally Two in the Bush when their camping trip is interrupted by the magical guardians of their forest. They can sense the power of the dragon, but believe that David and Ferdie have it bound and demand that they release it or die! Finding the Rain is the task charged to Buwei, sent with offerings to the Dragon Lord Shenlong in hopes of ending his province’ drought, a journey none have ever returned from. But the dragon’s temple keeper, Tian, wants Buwei for himself and is willing to defy even the great dragon to keep him. Finally, in Lukos Heat, a mission of revenge sends the dragon Najlah into the mountains and into an unlikely partnership with the wolf shifter Barkus. And the closer they get to their quarry, the more they realize that nothing is as it appears.

My View:

Fugue in Gold and Fire by Avery Vanderlyle – I really liked the idea behind this story and enjoyed the execution as well. We got just the right amount of information for the story length and I didn’t feel like anything was missing when it ended. 4.25*


Teller of Tales by D.K. Jernigan – This was an interesting little story. I liked how the author delivered the mythology for dragons in this world. However it ended quite abruptly. 3*


Weird Magics by E.E. Ottoman – I quite enjoyed this quasi Victorian tale with alchemists, magic, and non-human folk. Daire is an interesting character as is Cyras. The mystery was good for the limited space given in a short story. I would like to spend some more time with these characters in this world. 4*


Chanson Commencante de Guerre by Lor Rose – I don’t usually like present tense narration, but it worked here. The sex was hot but I would have liked a little more to this story, there were too many loose ends left. It was just enough different that it didn’t quite fall into the “shifter, mate, mine, porn-without-plot” trope. 3*


Two in the Bush by E.R. Karr – This was a supernatural tale that felt like an interlude from a larger series. No sex, but the story was entertaining and humorous as well as spooky. 3.5*


Finding the Rain by Tam Ames – This story was by turns sweet and sad. I found the narration flowed a little awkwardly but enjoyed the setting and the folk tale feel to it. The story was able to be told in its entirety. 3.25*


Lukos Heat by Megan Derr – Another unique look at dragons set in a fantasy world. I really like the world and the characters and would love to read more about these two. 4.5*

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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