Learning to Love: Final Exam by KC Wells ~ Book Review by Caroline

22852231 Title: Learning to Love: Final Exam

Author: KC Wells

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Learning to Love: Book Four

One house, three couples, and one year left until their final exams….

Evan and Daniel want to take their D/s relationship to the next level. When Daniel suggests conducting a little research at a BDSM club, Evan is more than up for it. Trouble is, one of their housemates isn’t happy about this.

Finances tighten for new couple Josh and Chris. Wanting to ease some of the pressure on Chris, Josh starts as an agency nurse. But tackling a heavy workload at medical school and working late-shifts leaves little time for the couple. Something’s gotta give.

In Spain, Sean was diagnosed as suffering from migraines. But after the medications have no effect and he starts suffering from other complaints, he decides to get a second opinion without telling Michael. When Michael finds out, Sean’s usually laid-back husband’s reaction shocks everyone. But Michael needs to get his head sorted fast, because Sean needs his strength.

As their school career comes to a close and the one person who holds them all together starts to fall apart, the final exam is a true test of friendship.

My View:

As we found out at the end of the previous book in the series Sean has not been well. Even though he had visited a doctors in Spain it was obvious there was more to and it was with a little trepidation that I started reading Final Exam. I was praying Ms Wells wouldn’t be too cruel!

This is a little different from the first 3 in the series. Even though in the first 3 books the boys all had their trials and tribulations more often than not everything was quite easy for them. Not the case here where there was lot more angst and they really had to work hard to survive their final year at University. Nothing seemed to run as smoothly for them and they kept hitting problem after problem.

Michael and Sean have just returned from their study leave in Europe and are glad to be home and back at the house but it soon becomes apparent that a very different couple have returned. Sean is plagued by headaches and various worrying symptoms that have been diagnosed as migraines in Spain and Michael is clearly stressed and worried about his husband.

Daniel and Evan are moving more and more into a D/s relationship both in and out of the bedroom. Their journey into this takes them into a BDSM club that I am sure some of you will recognise – namely Collars and Cuffs. This side of their relationship does not please everyone in the house however and causes bad memories and worries to stir in Josh.

Josh and Chris have reached mini crisis in their relationship. Josh is bogged down with the amount of studying he has taken on and although his housemates have offered him help financially his pride sees him reaching breaking point. He is working back at the hospital as a nurse as well as studying and he doesn’t realise how much it is impacting on his life with Chris and his own sanity until it is nearly too late.

Throughout all their personal worries there is still an overwhelming sense of friendship in the book. They are each there to help the other housemates as the need arises and none more so than when Sean ends up in hospital.
When a favourite series has to end you always hope that it will end well but realistically. Kudos to Ms Wells for this final book as she achieved both. I was more than a little sad when I read the epilogue, it was like leaving behind a group of friends that I have watched grow, develop and move on. I will miss all you guys 

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