Learning to Love: Josh & Chris by KC Wells ~ Book Review by Caroline

17906341 Title: Learning to Love: Josh & Chris

Author: KC Wells

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


When Chris Andrews gave evidence against the men who manipulated him into taking part in a homophobic assault, Josh Saunders was his rock, and his support gave Chris the courage to come out. Now that Chris finds himself sharing a house with Josh, he wonders where that strong, sexy guy has disappeared to. Chris wants him back—but he can’t wait forever.

Josh has been attracted to Chris from the get-go, and the more time they spend together, the stronger the pull grows. But he needs to make sure Chris feels the same attraction, and not just gratitude. Josh bides his time, waiting for the right moment… and misses his chance when Chris starts seeing someone else.

Somehow Josh has to convince Chris they are perfect together. But first, he needs to figure out who has been sending Chris malicious letters, threatening him over the phone, and writing hateful slogans across their front door—and persuade his own ex, who seems determined to win Josh back, to get lost. In fact, Josh’s life may depend on it.

My View:

Josh met the boys in his role as an ER nurse after Michael’s attack and has since become good friends with the group. When he makes the decision to return to University and further his studies he becomes the newest member of the house.

The completion of Michael’s trial comes as a relief to everyone but especially Chris. Although initially one of Michael’s attackers his situation proved complicated and he was only ever involved through fear. He had important information pertaining to the trial that ensured Adam and his cronies were convicted and in return he wasn’t sent to prison for his part. When it becomes apparent that these events have caused Chris to become the punch bag for some of Adams friends he is offered the final spare room in the house.

Josh and Chris have become very good friends in the run up to the trial and Chris has come to depend on Josh heavily. With that all now in the past Josh realises that his feelings run much deeper but is worried that Chris only sees him as a friend that he can rely on in times of trouble. With that in mind Josh steps back and waits for Chris to really see him and make the first move. This backfires spectacularly and Chris finds himself with his first boyfriend.

Once again the rest of the boys rally to support Josh and convince him that all is not lost. If he really wants Chris he is going to have to fight for him finally let the other man know exactly how he feels.

Sean and Michael have left for France as part of their course and there is another wedding in the pipeline. There is never a dull moment in the house!

Whilst Josh is doing everything he can think of to win back Chris and prove they are perfect for each other someone outside the house is determined to cause trouble. Chris starts to get hate mail in the post and arrives home to find vandalism but the police hit a dead end with their investigations leaving everyone nervous and on edge.

To further complicate things Josh’s ex Eric makes a reappearance and not in a good way. His strange behaviour has Chris and Josh worried and the consequences of ignoring it for too long will have devastating results. Chris will have to fight to get his loveable and flirty boyfriends personality back.

The book leaves us with 3 different scenarios about 3 different couples and just a little bit of worry whilst waiting for book 4.

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