Learning to Love: Michael & Sean by KC Wells ~ Book Review by Caroline

16141308 Title: Learning to Love: Michael & Sean

Author: KC Wells

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Sean and Michael are best friends from the minute they meet and become roommates. But after supporting Sean in the wake of his brother’s death, Michael finds himself questioning his sexuality and thinking about his roommate in a totally unexpected light. After all, he and Sean are straight—or so he thought. Suddenly Michael’s not so sure any more. He turns to their gay housemate, Evan, for advice. Little does he know he’s not the only one seeking Evan’s help.

Michael and Sean are both thrilled to explore their newly discovered feelings for each other, but not everyone shares their enthusiasm. When the reality of homophobia intrudes on their academic and personal lives and threatens their happiness, the adversity should draw them closer. Instead, it drives a dangerous wedge between them and puts their relationship, their futures, and their health at risk.

My View:

As Final Exam is due to be released and we come to the end of our journey with all the guys from the Learning to Love series I decided to do a quick re read of the first three books in preparation.

Sean and Michael are the first couple we meet and they click from the moment they set eyes on each other. Their love of the same films, their ability to almost finish each other sentences and their similar personalities ensure they are immediate friends. As first year students they throw themselves into University life with vigour along with their new housemates Evan, Adam and Julia. Evan is gay, Adam is a homophobic idiot and it doesn’t take long before problems start.

When Sean’s brother dies in an accident he and Michael return to the Isle of Wight for the funeral and this is the first time that Michael questions his feelings for his friend. When they return home Sean is the one questioning himself and it is hilarious how both of them end up ‘testing’ out their feelings on Evan.

As problems with Adam increase it culminates with him being asked to leave the house. Angered at what he perceives an injustice he agrees to leave but not until he threatens anyone who will listen. It would have been wise for the boys to take these threats seriously as few weeks later when all is not well in Sean’s world things are said in anger and Michael finds himself on campus, alone and in the dark. Before he really know what is happening he is in hospital and badly beaten.

The impact of the attack is profound on all the housemates although it is clear things could have been a lot worse. As has become the norm all the friends pull together to get Michael through and provide all the support he needs.

This is a very sweet story about 2 young men experiencing their first love, realising they are gay and finding true happiness with each other. They must learn to deal with the ugliness of homophobia sometimes too close to home for comfort. They both grow throughout the book assisted by a strong and reliable group of friends and there is a real sense of family

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