Let’s Talk About Conventions ~ Sunday Spotlight by Brandilyn with Giveaway


Let’s Talk About Conventions:

Conventions and conferences serve a number of purposes in the literary world.  They are a chance to bring readers and authors together to meet, socialize, and talk about books.   They are a chance for old friends to come together and new friendships to be forged.  They are a chance to put a face with a name on both sides of the page.  They are also a chance to hone your craft, find out what it takes to write a book and get published, find out what others are doing in the genre and make contacts.

Conventions are fun, but can be exhausting.  No matter how much of a wallflower or a partyboy/girl you are, you can usually find your niche at a convention.  I am a shy quiet introvert, but when I go to a con, I put on my “con-face” and pretend I am not.  That works until about dinner time and then I am ready to crash.  I can’t tell you what goes on after about 8 because I am just done by that time.  However, from the pictures and stories I have heard, there is much fun to be had after dark.

I recently attended my first ever convention, and I do mean EVER.  That convention was RainbowCon in Tampa in April.  You can read about my experiences here.  Shortly after I attended the RT Booklovers convention in New Orleans (read about my adventures in NOLA here).  Both had their good points and their bad points.

So how does one find out about conventions?  Well, a lot of it is really word of mouth. You hear (or see in the world of social media) someone talking about a convention they are attending and then you look into more information about it.  There are some publications where cons are advertised, but as with so many other things in the world of GLBT, you have to pick and choose to decide what has enough content that will interest you.

I am by no means an expert on conventions.  I have been to two…. total… in my life, but there have been plenty I wanted to go to and was just too chicken.  It wasn’t until I found this genre, and even a few years after that in all honesty, that I got up the courage to attend.

Conventions are not cheap.  You have the entrance fee, hotel, travel, and meals.  If you like to indulge in alcohol, you have to budget for that as well.  Don’t ask me exactly what to budget because that pretty much will depend on a number of things.  Including how far you are traveling, how much you want to spend on food and drink,

Some tips I have picked up along the way

  • Room with someone.  Most hotels allow up to 4 adults per room (with 2 double beds), while you may or may not want to share a bed remember that you will likely be too tired to care and the more in the room, the cheaper your part of the cost.
  • Roommates all have quirks, you pretend not to notice or care 😉
  • Take earplugs
  • Reserve a room. You can always cancel once you find a roommate.
  • Take the equivalent of an empty suitcase if you plan to buy book and pick up swag, also remember that most airlines have 50lbs/suitcase limits or they charge money.  It is usually cheaper for an extra suitcase than to pay overage fees.
  • Be yourself.  You are around a bunch of people you don’t know.  Don’t add stress by being anyone other than you.
  • Take time for yourself.   You may be tempted to spend every waking hour with people, but take time for yourself or you will not have the energy to make it to the end of the con.
  • You don’t have to do everything.  Same logic as above.

So… What cons are out there?

Well the answer there a a lot of them.  You will have to check out their websites for more information on each of them to see if they are for you or not.  Some are mostly het with some GLBTQ thrown in, some are GLBTQ exclusively.  The following list is not exhaustive, but it is a pretty good start:

  • Austin Author Affair – Austin, TX May 2015.  Signing Event and Party
  • Authors After Dark – Charlotte, NC August 2014,
  • BEA (Book Expo America) – NYC, NY May 2015
  • BentCon – Los Angeles, CA Nov 2014, LGBT Focused, not book focused.
  • Gay Rom Lit – Location Unknown October 2015 (note: Chicago, IL October 2014 is currently sold out, but there is a wait list available).  The Premier M/M Romance event.
  • Gay Rom Northwest – Seattle, WA September 2014 – one day meet-up event for fans of Gay Romance.
  • Novel Experience Event – Las Vegas, NV April 2015
  • OutlantaCon – Atlanta, GA May 2015.  Queer Geek Con.
  • PRIDE – Local to your area, Various dates throughout the Year.
  • Rainbow Con – Tampa Florida, July 2015
  • RT Booklovers – Dallas, TX, May 2015
  • RWA – NYC, NY July 2015 – This one is for authors, media, and industry types and specifically for authors who are members of RWA.
  • UK Gay Romance Signing Event – London, UK, September 2014
  • UKMeet – Location Unknown (UK), September 2015

Where will I be?

I will be in Chicago for GRL in October.  I also want to go to PRIDE in Austin, TX in September if I can find a few people to join me 🙂

Right now, my plans for 2015 include Novel Experience, Austin Author Affair, Gay Rom Lit, RT, and PRIDE Houston.   Hope to see you there!


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Comment below with your convention plans.  Have you been?  Are you going?  Which ones do you want to go to but haven’t been able to?

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Conventions ~ Sunday Spotlight by Brandilyn with Giveaway

  1. GRL sounds fun but no way I could justify the expense. I noticed on your list that RT Booklovers is in Dallas next May. That might be fun and at least I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel.

  2. I would love to go to GRL, so hopefully I will be able to take time off from work next year in October so I can finally meet all the wonderful authors and bloggers I’ve been reading. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I have been to GRL once and I will be attending this Fall as well. Rainbow Con sounds really interesting as well but the cost for two cons might be a bit cost prohibitive. I look forward to meeting you at GRL!

  4. I haven’t been to a convention yet, at least one that wasn’t a science based meeting. I really would love to make it to a GRL one day. Some of the others would be great too. I just have to have the plan, money, and feel brave enough – I’m so introverted it makes these kinds of things intimidating sometimes.

  5. I have not been to any US meets or UK meets, my home country, due to prior commitments, but I hope the next UK one is close by next year so I can get to meet all the authors, readers, et al, that I have met via these reviews and other sites.

    Thank you for a chance to win a copy of this book The Dark Collection I as just checked out your earlier review and I would love to read it. Fingers cross I might be lucky to win this book and some other authors swag!

  6. While I’ve been to countless “fan” cons for my favorite television and movie actors, GRL will be my very first author/reader convention. I’m nervous but excited at the same time. 🙂

  7. I’ve never been to a con but I registered for the Dallas one since I live in Dallas. I briefly considered going to Austin, but kids start school in September, so do all the activities (soccer, gymnastics, swimming etc) so weekends are invaluable right now.
    I will keep your comments for the Dallas one though.

  8. Great post Boss! Whilst I would love to go to some of the US conventions I know that my fear of flying will probably not allow for that but I will be at UKMeet again next year and look forward to seeing friends old and new! I was seriously amazed by the wonderful convention experience this year even though I went on my own having met no one there in person before.

  9. I’ve never been to a convention and I’ve bookmarked this page for future references. My sisters have been to Yaoi-con a couple times and plan to go again in September. They keep trying to get me to go but I just can’t find the time. One day I would love to be able to attend GRL and Rainbow Con.

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