Loveblood by M J O’Shea ~ Book Review by Caroline

22707725 Title: Loveblood

Author: M J O’Shea

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

Max Appleton and his mother Celia are are on the run, hiding from an abusive father and husband who’s also a notoriously bad pack leader. When Max hit puberty and it became obvious he’d never make an alpha wolf, his father turned the brunt of his anger toward his inferior son and his beta wolf wife for producing him. Max and Celia find sanctuary in a garden cottage at Holly Court, the sprawling estate where Celia’s oldest friend lives with her pack alpha husband, three daughters, and teenaged son Jonah.

Jonah Spellman has what seems like the perfect life. His family is close, his dad is respected by their whole pack, and he’s been groomed to take over for as long as he can remember. Everything is set, his whole life planned, and Jonah works hard to be exactly what everyone expects. He’s under enough pressure without a runaway from a bad pack complicating his life.

When two teenaged werewolves from very different worlds meet one snowy January day, both of their worlds get turned inside out. From the moment they meet, nothing will be the same for Jonah or Max ever again.

My View:

I’m on a bit of a shifter splurge at the moment and this one just hit the spot.

This is about two teenagers and is full of angst, feelings and raw emotion.

Max Appleton has fled the family home with his mother to escape his abusive alpha father. The young beta wolf hasn’t known a great deal of happiness in his short life. He worries that all wolf packs are as bad as the one he is running from and is not looking forward to having to start his life over in a new pack and being the new kid in town.

They are going to stay with one of his mothers oldest friends who is the wife of their new pack alpha. The couple have 3 daughters and a son Jonah. From the minute Jonah and Max meet there are pheromones, emotions and an unexplained pull towards each other.

This is where the angst starts. Max knows he is gay and can appreciate that Jonah is good looking guy so can understand his immediate attraction. For Jonah things are very different. In the space of a weekend he goes from not looking forward to the arrival of a new kid to the pack to not being able to stay away from him. His smell is enticing, he feels the need to touch him constantly, he finds himself wanting to protect Max from any danger and he just wants to spend every available minute with him. He has no idea why.

Jonah’s life has been set out for him and he not only knows that he will one day be alpha, he is already promised to Zoe by a blood bond. Zoe is a nightmare, conniving and all round not nice person. Their parents bound them together years ago for the good of the pack, a bit like an arranged marriage, and it is definitely not working out. She is more than prepared to fight dirty though to keep her role as alpha mate.

The only thing that can override a blood bond is a soul bond. This is where the angst comes in. Max and Jonah are so obviously meant to be together but it seems their feeling don’t count for much when everything needs to be about the pack. That decision may literally kill them. Nobody seems to want to acknowledge this fact until it is almost too late. Then the shit really hits the fan when Zoe makes a play for revenge and gets totally out of her depth.

I loved the interaction between Max and Jonah. Their struggles were painful and long and they came through considerably well given their ages. Jonah was possessive, confused, resilient, scared and so in love with Max; he was everything a young alpha and young lover should be. Max was the perfect gent and the perfect mate for his alpha even after finding out about his true standing within the pack.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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