Major’s Folly by Edward Kendrick ~ Book Review by Lirtle

majors folly cover 1 Title: Major’s Folly

Author: Edward Kendrick

Publisher: Wilde City

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3.25 of 5 Stars


Thane Major’s lover, Ian Philips, sees Majors’ Folly—the mansion Thane has inherited—as a ‘monstrosity’. Thane believes otherwise. To him it is fascinating, not monstrous. At least that’s what he hopes.

After the two learn of several disappearances from the Folly, they spot someone trying to break in and wonder if the person is responsible for the Folly’s troubles. Deciding they must find out exactly what is happening, the pair begin to delve into the house’s history to uncover the truth before they too disappear.

Will the arrival of two strange males offering their help to Thane and Ian lead to revelations about the disappearances… or to Thane and Ian’s untimely deaths?

My View:

This started out with a lot of mundane detail and not much forward movement within the story. There’s setting a scene and then there’s getting in the way of the scene. Unfortunately, the mundane outperformed the story for a while. Things did even out as the story went on but still with a lot of everyday detail.

The main result of this approach? A lack of tension, of anticipation, of feeling like I was being propelled forward in the story. If you’re going to posit a ghosty mystery, we must have tension, yo.

The characters are nice, playful even. Ian and Thane are happy together and working to make their way in life together. They did make me smile more than once. We’re often told more than shown when it comes to their history and current situation, but the dialogue is sweet.

When we finally get to meeting the… beings haunting the mansion, it’s like reading  a script from a lighthearted middle of the road sitcom. It wants to be clever but doesn’t always quite make it.

There are a couple of fun twists on the typical ghostly and zombie-centric stories we all know. Ian and Thane are both consistent in their actions and motivations. Neither of them say or do anything that goes against the grain of their personalities. I always appreciate when characters are permitted to remain true to themselves and that is definitely the case here.

All in all, this is an angst-free story with a couple of sweet guys embarking on a new chapter in their life together, in a haunted mansion, along with a couple of unexpected housemates. A simple story with writing that has an easy quality about it, which means the author worked hard in telling their story. I always appreciate that.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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