Rachel Sparks talks To Be Whole ~ Interview, Excerpt, Giveaway

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Title: To Be Whole
Author: Rachel Sparks
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Brittany Sparks


We are here today with author Rachel Sparks to talk about her latest To Be Whole. What can you tell our readers about it?

This is my first m/m romance novel. Writing a m/m has been a desire of mine for a long time. I am hoping to make To Be Whole the first of a three part series called Love Is Love

Tell us a little bit about Adam and Jarrod.

Adam and Jarrod both have a past of hurt. They live in 1867 where if it is found out that they love each other it would mean castration and time in prison. It is also a time of strong belief in the Bible and everybody has their own interpretation of it. Even some family members would turn them in.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever had someone say about one of your books in an email or review?

That the characters are real that they continue to think about them for days and have to read my book again.

If you had to throw a Stephen King book out the window, which would you choose?

I have never read any of Stephen King’s books.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

Read, to be open and teachable

What do you keep in your bedside table?

I don’t have a bedside table

If you could have a conversation with any famous author, who would you want to get writing tips from and what skill of theirs would you like to emulate?

Renee Bernard to me is a famous author and my favorite. I talk to her a lot and she gives me tips. To be confident.

Rapid Fire Time:

  • Country or City? Country
  • Music or Movies? TV shows especially Doctor Who
  • Any Tattoos or piercings? 3 tattoos and I want 3 more and I have two piercings in both my ears
  • Sausage or Hamburger? Hamburger
  • Beach or Mountains? Mountains
  • Fire or Ice? Fire
  • Tea of Coffee? decaffeinated tea

What are you working on? What is next?

I’m working on a m/f and m/m story called Without Love


Jarrod found Adam at Ser Toda, the place where they had built their house. He sat on his horse and watched Adam for a little bit. He sighed as he got off his horse and tethered his horse to a tree.

He started walking towards Adam, but stopped. He watched Adam staring at the lake.
Adam knew Jarrod had found him. He waited for Jarrod to get closer before speaking.

“I can’t do this anymore Jarrod. There are just too many scars, wounds.” Tears fell down his cheeks.

Jarrod felt like his world was collapsing and there was nothing he could do about it.


Adam shook his head. “Don’t, just don’t. I can’t do this anymore. I’m not strong, at least not anymore.” He looked down at the cane in his hand. “I wasn’t even able to help finish our house.”

Jarrod moved closer and placed his hands on Adam’s shoulders and turned him to face him. It broke his heart to see Adam hurting so much. “Some scars are visible and some are not. I can’t live without you Adam. To me you are beautiful, you are my… everything. Every breath I take, every beat of my heart is for you.” He moved his hands up to cup Adam’s face. His thumbs wiped away the tears. “You are not alone. I’m here, and together we can do this. We can make it. Nobody can break us apart or tear us down, as long as we are together. We are stronger together. I love you Adam, and I know you love me.”

Adam nodded his head.

Jarrod got closer to Adam’s mouth and then his lips covered Adam’s.


The Love They Had For Each Other Was Strong…

Adam Colbert took Jarrod Baker up on his offer to train him in the law end of ranching contracts. Adam always believed you could never have enough education. Jarrod felt something for Adam as soon as he saw him sneaking late into the lecture. As they grow closer together and their love grows stronger, family members and outsiders want to break them apart. Will their love last or will they be forced to choose?

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