Sticks & Stones ~ Johnny Williams: Outside the Margins

Join us as Johnny Williams goes Outside the Margins.

Johnny Williams OTMNothing, but nothing could hurt me. Especially a name or label. It was when they threw bottles and rocks I needed to duck, and or run faster.

Let’s face it: when I was younger, I was called stupid. Being dyslexic before people knew I was, was like never looking in a mirror, and people greeting you were calling you, “Hey whitey.” You come to accept, “I must be white, because apparently a million people in this big city all can’t be wrong.” [This completely has me never EVER looking down at my own arms and or legs the entire existence of my entire life up till now. Ha!

Owning a label or slang thrown at you can become difficult because times change so fast. When people called you the long word homosexual at one point, it sounded classy. “Yes Reggie, Biff and I are raging homosexuals. Anyone for tennis?” That soon fell apart the instant someone shortened it for an insult slang. “Get away from me, ya homo!” Fairy sounded so sweet and magical at first. Like from a Disney movie! Then, “Here comes that lil fairy that lives on our street!”

Fag and or faggot never really bothered me at all. Still doesn’t really, for what does it really mean: gay man. It’s not really even a mean word, unless you are a straight person, then you can really take offense.

To me, whenever I was called fag, I always just answered, “Yes?”, because what am I? A freakin gay man! They really are not calling me anything mean at all. I not only own this phrase, but I am not quite understanding why people that are “politically correct” get so worked up over it. It’s kind of on the money. I’m gay, and I’m a man. The one I hate more is the meaning of the word gay. Not the meaning gay = happy. I would LOVE it if people called each other gay and mean happy. But they are very insistent and often calling each other gay and meaning stupid. “That’s so gay!” My banner on my page doesn’t mean I’m stupid and proud of it!

But, according to these people, it MAY mean that. We as “stupid” people have fought long and hard, since Stonewall, to have the same rights as other Americans, even the rights to marry, since stupid people should be able to marry each other also? [see how easy it could be slanted to mean this?

I take offense at being called stupid. From childhood. I was dyslexic. And I am Gay. NOT stupid. I am homosexual. And proud. And it does NOT come before a fall. It means I am proud of being happy. Just like I am of being homosexual.

~ Johnny Williams

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5 thoughts on “Sticks & Stones ~ Johnny Williams: Outside the Margins

  1. I’m glad I make people happy. See, any word can be an insult. OR.. We take the route that no words can hurt us. About time we take that route. Most gay men I know never were upset about the use of those labels much. Most gay guys were more afraid of the fists and the sticks and stones that came AFTER those words were called towards us. Maybe I’m just done with being afraid of names. Or, I’ve been beat up so much, I just don’t care anymore. Bottom line, enough.

  2. You are fantabulous, Johnny. I’m so happy you feel this way and decided to share it with all of us. Big time hi5!!

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