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Join us as Sue Brown goes Outside the Margins.


It’s nearly the end of the school holidays for the UK, and in a couple of weeks my kids will be back at school, for their exam year. This holiday has gone so quickly. One minute they were off for their first music festival weekend and now we’re looking at the last music festival weekend before they start the next school year. For some bizarre reason my kids and their dad like camping in muddy fields and listening to loud music.

 In my daughter’s case it’s her final year at school. Of course she’s changed out of all recognition but I keep thinking what’s happened to me since she started secondary school. Since she started the school seven years ago I’ve studied for a theology and religious studies degree, started writing Torchwood fanfiction, and then stepped into the world of publishing a couple of years later. I also discovered I wasn’t entirely straight and that has shaped my life just as much.

My kids are discovering that time flies as you get older. They are thinking of their future beyond school. My life was determined by my mother’s death just after I left school. My decisions were shaped by that single event in my life. I listen to my kids talk about their plans and hope that they shape their life for the next few years, not have it determined by outside events.

One of the things I don’t regret is taking that step into published writing. I wish I’d done it earlier but then I’d have never discovered M/M Romance. I count myself very lucky to be here.

Falling for Ramos

Due out 15th September 2014


A glimpse of a group of businessmen in a newspaper tells Colin Hess his old love, Alejandro Ramos, is back in London a decade after they split up. 

They met by chance as students, when Colin was pushed into Ramos’s lap at a party. Despite the disapproval from Ramos’s parents, Colin and Ramos were inseparable from that moment and settled in their own place as soon as they finished university. 

But when Ramos’s father fell ill, Ramos was forced to return to the family vineyard, leaving Colin behind. When Colin joined him for a holiday, the plans Ramos’s parents had for their son became painfully clear—and those plans did not involve Colin. 

Colin knows it would be stupid to rekindle their old love after the devastating end to their relationship. Still, neither can deny that they still have feelings for each other from the minute they meet, and Colin learns the meeting might not be as random as it seemed.

~ Sue Brown

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts today Sue. I remember how my daughter’s progress through school seemed to define my progress through life as well. Although she is through that system and on to higher education and working, school still defines our progress through the year via friends and family whose children are still in primary and secondary education. I can’t wait to read Ramos 🙂

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