The Good Fight Series by Andrew Grey ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Good-Fight-Collage Title: The Good Fight Series

Author: Andrew Grey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


The Good Fight

Jerry Lincoln has a problem: his Sioux Falls IT consulting business has more work than one man can handle. Luckily, that means he can hire some help. Jerry just hopes his new employee, John Black Raven, ends up being more helpful than distracting—but John’s deep eyes and long hair are very distracting.

John came to town for an education and a chance at a life he couldn’t have on the reservation, but what’s important to him now is getting a job and keeping it. Six months ago, his sister died, and now her children are in foster care. Despite having the law on his side, John can’t get custody—can’t even see his niece and nephew.

As Jerry and John grow closer, John discovers he doesn’t have to struggle alone. Jerry helps him win visitation rights and provides much-needed support. Yet their victories aren’t without setbacks. Child Services is tangled up with money, politics, and red tape, and Native American children are their bread and butter. But John and Jerry are determined to fight the good fight and to win—in more ways than one.

The Fight Within

Bryce Morton needs a change of scenery. Since his partner’s death a year ago, he’s become withdrawn and quiet, so his friends, Jerry Lincoln and Akecheta (John) Black Raven, convince him to go camping with them on a Sioux reservation. Though he’s not immediately sure he’s done the right thing, Bryce becomes more interested when he meets Paytah, the man who owns the reservation’s trading post.

Paytah Stillwater’s life is filled with hurt, and sometimes the only thing he has left is pride. After being abused as a child and disbelieved when he spoke up, he has withdrawn into himself—but he can never truly put his past behind him, because the source of his pain still lives on the reservation. Paytah is proud of his heritage and careful with his heart, but when Bryce commits a selfless act of kindness for one of the reservation’s children, the walls around Paytah’s heart begin to melt.

Bryce and Paytah each fight the pain within them. When Paytah’s abuser sets his sights on one of the reservation youngsters, Bryce and Paytah must set their individual fights aside. Finding a way to stop the abuser unites them to fight their way forward—together.

The Fight for Identity

Will Martin’s racist father, Kevin, hates Native Americans and wants to keep them off his property, never mind that part of the ranch land is sacred ground for the Sioux. When they request access for prayer, Kevin refuses—but Will doesn’t share his father’s views. Ever since he first saw Takoda Red Bird during one of the Sioux sacred ceremonies, Will has been fascinated. He grants the tribe access.

Takoda defies Kevin on a regular basis. He often sneaks to the sacred site on the rancher’s land for prayer and knows Will has seen him there. When, out of spite, Kevin places the land up for auction, Takoda knows it is time for action and bands together with Will to stop the sale.

In the fight that follows, Will gets more than he expected. He starts out helping the tribe preserve their identity… and ends up finding his own.

My View:

As with most of Andrew Grey’s series, each book in the series can be read as a standalone, but some amount of the backstory weaves through each story in the series. In The Good Fight series, the backstory is as much of a character as the main character and the romance unique to each story. The backstory is the plight faced by many of the Native American tribes that still exist in the United states. They face poverty and discrimination, even in their communities.

Each story in this series looks as one such struggle. If you look at these simply as romance stories, you might be a bit disappointed in the lack variance in the romances. They are all white boy meets Native American boy and prejudice ensues. Where that prejudice comes from, how it is presented, and how the conflict is resolved is what makes each story unique and worth a read. There is also a pretty serious topics tackled in the second book.

The Good Fight

The Good Fight was my favorite in the series. It could be because the premise and backstory were all new. It could have been because John and Jerry were so good for each other. It could be because they were both tech geeks, like me, so I have a soft spot for them. It could also be because I wanted them to win over “the man” so so much. Whatever the reason, I recommend you give The Good Fight a try.

The Fight Within

The Fight Within continues to the story of poverty and discrimination both faced and proliferated by the reservation folks. We look at this issue through the story of Bryce, friend and co-worker introduced in The Good Fight, and Paytah. They are both broken men on different levels and come together to heal each other. Bryce lost the man he loved and was to marry. It was a heartbreaking, if a bit wacky and convenient, loss. Paytah, on the other hand, faces some pretty serious demons of the past and needs Bryce’s help to move into the future. However, his issue is so much bigger than him.

The Fight Within is the most emotional of the series.

The Fight For Identity

The Fight for Identity felt somewhat like an also-ran to the series for me. I had no investment in the characters as they were only loosely tied to the main characters from the first two books. Identity also didn’t pack the emotional punch of Within or Good Fight, but it was an enjoyable end to the series. Through the story of Will and Takoda, we see the long lasting effects of hate and bigotry. We see just how deep that bigotry can run and just how insidious it can be.

Takoda and Horse

This was a cute little free vignette that introduces us Takoda from A Fight for Identity. It is a short, sweet, free read. No reason to pass it up 🙂

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