Too Long Among the Dead by Paul Alan Fahey ~ Book Review by Leisa

A wonderfully unique paranormal story of loss and intrigue …

Too Long Among the Dead Title: Too Long Among the Dead

Author: Paul Alan Fahey

Publisher: JMS Books

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


Psychiatrist Haleigh Hugo thinks he’s found the perfect setting for his experimental treatment plan—Devonshire, an isolated home in the middle of a small lake in the high Sierras. Dr. Hugo’s office mate and life partner, Guy Sanford, is unconvinced that the benefits of the treatment plan outweigh the risks, but soon gives in to the charm and boundless enthusiasm of his lover. 
Dr. Hugo’s subjects are six female patients who have failed to make what he considers significant progress in one-to-one therapy. They all share something in common: grief over the loss of a loved one, a psychological barrier that prevents them from moving on. Hilary Colbert lost her life partner to a serious illness; Jennie Travers no longer trusts her unfaithful husband; Meeda O’Connell’s infant son died in his crib; Vera Field wakes from a coma to learn her father has committed a brutal and senseless crime: Sarah/April Preston no longer knows who she is and suffers from a loss of identity; and Emily West has psychic abilities yet longs for a normal human existence. 
The six patients, accompanied by Drs. Hugo and Sanford and their psychiatric assistant, Ms. Katherine Lansing, descend on Devonshire for a weekend of intense therapy; yet within its walls lives a terrible and painful secret that haunts anyone who comes near.

My View:

I don’t often read paranormal m/m romances, and I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I began reading Paul Alan Fahey’s Too Long Among the Dead. What I found was a unique and honestly intriguing story about six women who have experienced profound loss, and who accompany their Psychiatrist, Hal, and his life (and business) partner, Gus, on a trip to an isolated home. The personal history of each of the six women are all individually tragic, and the interactions between these women who take part in Hal’s experimental psychiatric therapy are compelling. The women, as well as Hal and Gus, are also affected by the house, Devonshire, that seems to “feel” the emotions taking place within its walls.

The story of each of the women, their psychological turmoil, and the change each woman experiences following time at Devonshire is incredibly interesting. The relationship of Hal and Gus is also explored, and I find Hal to be manipulative of Gus. Hal’s deception of his patients and his life partner to be indicative of his egocentric character. I simply don’t like him, and I want Gus to find someone more worthy of his devotion and loyalty than Hal. Ok … I want to pinch Hal hard on the arm for his treatment of Gus, but luckily for Hal, Gus is more forgiving and understanding that I am!

I recommend Paul Alan Fahey’s interesting Too Long Among the Dead to anyone who enjoys paranormal psychic phenomena, detailed and diverse characters, and a relationship between an established couple with an atypical dynamic. I greatly enjoyed reading this fantastic story, and highly recommend everyone discover this delightful treasure!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Too Long Among the Dead by Paul Alan Fahey ~ Book Review by Leisa

  1. Leisa, thank you so much for this wonderful review. I’m so glad you enjoyed my book. You have really made my day. And quite possibly my year. Hugs your way and looking forward to our interview tomorrow. My best, Paul

  2. I’m glad to have read your review of this book. Paul is a new to me author and looks like I’m going to be adding this book in my TBP list. Sounds extremely interesting. Thanks!

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