Undercover Love by Brenda Cothern ~ Book Review by Caroline

18587968 Title: Undercover Love

Author: Brenda Cothern

Publisher: Self Published

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


Volumes 1 & 2: Brew & Rick’s complete story!

Not For Sale

Immigration Control Agent Ryan “Brew” Brewster finally got the break he was looking for in his human trafficking case. But to follow the lead, he would need to go undercover into the world of the gay leather community. A world he was very familiar with; a world that would require a partner for the undercover op.

Vice Cop Rick Kendry did not look twenty eight when he was out on the streets of Tampa luring in the John’s. He barely looked eighteen but that was why he was stuck in vice. That and the fact that he was openly gay made him the best candidate for the job and luckily for him, he loved undercover work.

When Agent Brewster recruited him for the deep undercover Homeland Security op, Rick couldn’t have been more thrilled. Little did Rick know that he would soon be immersed into the intricate world of leather & BDSM.

Highest Bidder
ICE Agent Ryan “Brew” Brewster finally regains the trust of vice cop Rick Kendry, after deceiving him on their undercover operation to bust the human traffickers who were selling gay man in the Tampa area, when that trust is threatened all over again.

The Russian mobsters strike back by abducting Rick and Brew is forced to go deeper undercover than ever before into the Russian Mafiya if he wants to rescue his lover before Rick is sold to the highest bidder as a sex slave.

But will the man Brew rescues be the same man who stole his heart on their last undercover operation?

This book contains adult sexual situations, including m/m and BDSM practices, and is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.

My View:

A new author for me and wow..impact made! This is 2 books put together and I am glad I read it when both were available, waiting for the second installment might have killed me!

Welcome to the world of human trafficking. There is nothing about trading in human beings that could appeal to me and the author hasn’t downplayed just how awful it is for those involved at all. Don’t pick up this book and expect fluff and romance….just not happening.

Rick Kendry works in vice. He is nearly thirty, doesn’t quite look twenty and he loves his job. He is out, proud and sassy and it seems the perfect person for a task force that requires a gay man to go undercover and look into the kidnapping and slavery trade of gay men.

Agent Ryan Brewster, Brew, heads up the task force. He is your typical alpha male in a tough role and his piercing eyes take no prisoners. Presumed straight by his co-workers he nearly swallows his tongue when he first meets Rick. He might be perfect for the job but Brew is sure his life is about to become a lot more difficult and frustrating. Brew is hiding a lot more than the fact that he is gay.

The sex happened very quickly between these two. It was not professional but damn it was hot and inevitable. Brew may or may not be experienced in the way of the BDSM lifestyle but Rick has very little knowledge, so the task begins to train him as a submissive ready to go undercover. Rick is so naturally submissive that Brew very quickly loses the line between work and private life. The tension keeps rising!

Rick is a playful character and very quickly realises how he affects Brew. With teasing and touching it is not long before their hands are all over each other. ‘Leaving their badges at the door’ was a great way to deal with the sexual tension, until it became more, and feelings were involved. Brew finally reveals he has a softer side; it really was very easy to fall in love with both these characters.

As there is a job to be done they quickly adapt to their roles and get involved with the seedier side of trafficking. There worlds become fraught with danger, with Russian Mafia and betrayal. Just as you think you have it all worked out Rick is left out on a limb and doesn’t know who to trust.

The second book picks up almost immediately where we left them in Not For Sale. There has been no contact between Brew and Rick for two weeks. Rick is still hurt over his perceived betrayal but Brew is nothing but determined and finally gets the man to talk to him and forgive him. Just as things seem to be working out and settling down Rick is drugged and kidnapped. His time as a prisoner is brutal.

Without giving too much away the story almost seems to go full circle towards the end with another auction. Just as you think you have everybody’s roles worked out there are more surprises. Brew prays that if he can rescue Rick it will be the same Rick that comes back to him.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. normally I stay away from bks set in the town I live, weird I know. but this ones is right up my alley. may have to break my rule.

  2. Thank you Caroline for your wonderful review. I appreciate you taking the time to read and give me (and readers) your honest feedback on Rick & Brew’s story!

    Best wishes,

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