When First World Problems Become Personal ~ Sunday Spotlight by Paisley


When First World Problems Become Personal:

I have been MIA since June. Most people probably had no clue I was even offline. It’s strange how easy it is to disappear from cyberspace. I have had an interesting couple of months, and figured I would use a Sunday Spotlight post to share my experiences.

So, in early June I had something bad happen to me. In the big scheme of things it’s really not a big deal, I am okay, but at the time it seemed pretty awful. My experiences left me with ample time to think, and for me that’s downright dangerous.

I was attacked by a dog and my hands were bitten quite badly. I had to go the the emergency room, and several weeks, and fractured bones later, I am finally back online. More than the pain, the psychological trauma was what caught me off guard. I guess I am pretty lucky, I have made it almost half a century without facing too much pain or trauma in my life. So, a small dose was a good reminder about how fortunate I really am.  It was also a good lesson in how healing invisible wounds can sometimes take longer (and need more care) than the visible ones.

Make Us Wise

Make Us Wise

Not being able to use my hands was very frustrating. The little things like brushing my teeth and hair, putting on jewelry, and cooking made me want to scream. Then I thought about people who have horrible burns, or other injuries to their hands and need months to recover. That put some things into perspective. I will be fine, and I don’t think I will have any sizable scars in a few weeks. It made me realize how easy it is to take good health for granted. But even more than my physical discomfort, I learned a bit about what my brain does when it has to cope with a painful and frustrating situation.

Not being able to drive a car was very annoying, but not being able to hold my iPad or Kindle, and not being able to “turn the pages” of an e-book was a downright bummer. My son told me I was suffering from a “First World Problem.” In reality, I didn’t really feel like reading during the first couple of weeks anyway- that was a sure sign of the apocalypse. Finally, I was able to take some of the bandages off of my fingers from my left hand – so the touch screen was good to go. Really that sounds so lame when I think about it. There are a lot of people who are suffering from real, serious health issues, and I am whining about a “First World” problem.

readingreliefBut the truth of it was I was more screwed up inside than I wanted to admit. I realized I couldn’t focus on what I was reading. Sure I had time to read, and plenty of unread books on my Kindle, but I had absolutely no desire to read. WHAT?!? How can that be? My love of reading is well known. My hubby actually said, “I noticed that you haven’t been reading lately, are you sure you’re okay?”

That was classic because he usually grumbles that I am reading way too much. He was worried about me. I found no joy in reading. But the bigger picture was I really wasn’t finding much joy in anything.

Another couple of weeks went by and I wasn’t using my laptop. I just didn’t feel like going online. I didn’t feel like doing anything much at all.  I had no interest in my usual interests.  My recovery had taken a left turn, and I had an infection that needed to be dealt with, and surgery looming for my damaged fingers.   Even though I was in minimal pain at this point, I also had no feeling in three of my fingers, and I was still having weird nightmares. Geez, I felt like such a baby! It’s not like I was beaten, or fought in combat, or did anything really significant. It was kind of embarrassing to admit I was messed up more on the inside than I was on the outside.

The lesson here is that people react and handle things in very different ways, and it’s not always obvious. I have survived some serious heartbreak in my life and handled it pretty well, but let a 40 pound dog bite my hands and I am a hot mess.

I was finally able to read a bit before I went to bed at night (one of my dearest pleasures in life) although I couldn’t read anything new. That was weird. I have over 300 something unread titles I could just pick one and dive in, right? Wrong. I tried to start five different books and gave up a few paragraphs in – I just was not able to focus. Trying to get to know new characters and new stories was impossible.

After some searching I found something I could enjoy. Thank you Lynn Hagen and Siren Publishing! I read all of the Brac Pack books, then the Brac Village Books, and finally went through the entire Midnight Matings series. It’s true – I had read all of them before, but that is what kept my interest and got my mind off of my weird funk. So, now I have to say I owe Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn, Joyee Flynn and Gabrielle Evans for their part in my recovery. Therapy by gay paranormal romance stories.


A few days ago I finally read a new book! The first new book I have read in two months.  It was the 6th book in the Chronicles of Ylandre, In Fine Form. If you are a fan of Eressë’s books then I highly recommend it. (If you are a fan of m/m fantasy books and have never read her works then you have to start on book one.)

I didn’t even know that the book was out – now that in itself is a statement. I had read the last four books in the series the moment they were released. I am a HUGE fan of these stories. The fact that I didn’t even know it had been released was a testament to my withdrawal from life. I was stunned I had fallen so out of the loop!  How could one of my most beloved authors release a new story without me even being aware of it?  Getting back on track and rejoining the groups and activities that are so enjoyable to me was something I needed to do – even if I had to force myself. I needed to write some reviews, I needed to write something…so this is where I started.

Have you ever suffered from a “First World Problem” or more seriously, needed some time to heal on the inside? Have you had a better summer than I did? Or perhaps you are just super happy that I am back on line – lol. Leave me a comment below and I will kick down a $10 Omni Bucks Certificate from All Romance to one lucky winner.

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25 thoughts on “When First World Problems Become Personal ~ Sunday Spotlight by Paisley

  1. I’ve had some major “blows” in life that pretty much affected me the same way. I ended up unemployed for almost 6 months a few years ago. You’d think I could have used some of that time to read, but I had so much whirling around in my brain that I hardly read anything. I hope your recovery continues and you can get back to normal.

  2. Many, many hugs and well wishes from me. I’ve had a similar experience, not a dog attack, but a mugging, in broad daylight, and it just leaves you so shaken, rattled and unfocused for ages

  3. Paisley, I’m so glad you’re back and sound like you’ve made really good progress. 😀 Hugs.
    I went through nearly the exact same thing physically, which was the icing on the not at all great cake of my mom suddenly passing away at the beginning of the year. After surgery, I definitely couldn’t concentrate to read and didn’t do much of it for a few weeks. My physical healing allowed me the time to start the emotional healing.
    Like you, it was one book in particular that got me back into reading and was one of the things that helped get me further along my own road of recovery. 😀
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and let’s read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. If you can forgive me a moment of grousing in your defense: healing from a debilitating wound–even a temporary one–is not just a “First World problem.” Being attacked by an animal and losing the use of your HANDS–two of one’s most active body parts–would do a number on anyone in any corner of the world, whether you use your hands to use to your iPad or wash clothes in a river. You totally had a right to feel depressed, scared, and sad. Not trying to be antagonistic at all, just trying to tell you I believe your feelings are completely valid (and your son was being a little mean 😉 ). I’m glad you were able to come through it stronger and you found some good books to help out!

  5. I’m sorry you had that experience, Paisley. A dog bite serious enough to do so much damage is a psychological trauma as well as a physical one. I’m glad to hear you’re doing so much better.

  6. Hugs Paisley, I’m so glad you’re back. I can sympathize with your feelings but I am glad you are getting back out there, so to speak 😀 Thanks for sharing with us!!

  7. Lots of big hugs Paisley we are all really happy to have you back and PBA has definitely missed you! You have actually been very quite about what you have gone through and I think you’ve been very brave. I felt really daft that I fell apart AFTER my Husband was in remission last year from Cancer. I hadn’t even had an illness at all but felt ill for ages after culminating in getting Meningitis last Xmas. We can never predict how our body will express how the outer world affects it. So don’t compare just give yourself TLC. <3

  8. So glad that you are back, and thank you for your personal sharing of this traumatic event in your life. Different events can leave scars in our lives, and they take time to heal from them. Wishing you well on your healing journey.

  9. I’m glad you’re back and healing mentally and physically. I can only hope things continue to get better for you. I’ve been trying to deal with some issues that affect my daily life with my family lately and it’s not easy to untangle emotional reactions and mental processes sometimes after trauma, not matter how small or big it is. I wish you well and hope your recovery goes well.

  10. Welcome back I am so sad to read about your horrible summer. I just stayed home with the two kids. Got a ton of reading done, but little is interesting me right now for some reason. Ay be I’ll go retread the Brac PAC & Village series again.
    Hope the autum season sees you continuing to improve.

  11. Hi Paisley, hugs from me, even though I am very new to following Prism and your prior reviews, it cheers me up to read so many kind thoughts to you from your readers and friends. Your post has also helped me realise that I need to move forward from recent sad things in my life and that I need to contact friends that I have spoken to for while and move on. Thank you.

    I also read to escape and to heal from personal hurts and traumas and I really love the Eressë’s Chronicles of Ylandre, but I have not got ‘In Fine Form’ yet so I look forward to your review for this book, be it your first of many more 🙂

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